Pele, GDF penalised for transgressions

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-BK Western Tigers not affiliated presently to GFA

Pele FC and the Guyana Defence Force FC both suffered penalties at the hands of

Part of the affiliates that attended the GFA General Council Meeting yesterday at Sleep In Hotel.

the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) General Council, which met yesterday with its affiliates at the Sleep In Hotel on Brickdam and deliberated on the two teams withdrawal from the Banks Beer competition that was held under the auspices of the Body last year.
The Council convened a special meeting to discuss urgent disciplinary matters that caused embarrassment to the Body, while clubs were also recognised for their support to the Association throughout a year that was deemed challenging, but subsequently successful.
General Secretary of the GFA Christopher Matthias, who presided over the proceedings, told the gathering that the Army was being summoned to the Meeting to offer an explanation as to why they had attended the Opening Ceremony, but subsequently withdrew from the Banks Beer Knockout Festival without submitting a reason for its action.
Lieutenant Colonel Claude Fraser, who represented the GDF in offering an explanation, said that ‘Higher Authority’ had decided to withdraw the team.
He stated that because the Army is an arm of the Government and with the latter being a Patron of the Kashif & Shanghai Tournament any decision made by ‘Higher Authority’ could not be challenged and would never be challenged.
However, the GFA argued that since the team participated in the Opening Ceremony, protocol would dictate that a letter be sent to the Association outlining the reason for their sudden absence from the tournament.
The GFA felt that the Army acted unfair and in a unilateral manner and should suffer some form of discipline which ultimately resulted in the club being fined $100,000 with the option to appeal.
Lt. Col Fraser in his response reminded the Council of the GDF’s right to an appeal which was agreed to by the GFA General Secretary, while both parties promised a speedy resolution to the situation.
The Army will also have to submit a list of circumstances under which it could withdraw in future tournaments.
Lt. Col Fraser promised to settle the issue in a timely manner so that their supporters and the sport could move forward without any disciplinary impediments.
It was also agreed that the team will not be suspended further and would be allowed to play in future competitions under the auspices of the GFA or those sanctioned by it.
Pele’s two representatives on the other hand told the Council that even though they were asked to be present at the hearing, they could not give any reason for the team’s withdrawal from the GFA sanctioned event.
They were then informed that the club will have to pay a fine of $100,000 and suspended for two months during which time they have to hold elections since it was the view that the club has serious internal problems that needed to be rectified with immediate effect, failing which they will remain suspended until that obligation is met.
It was clarified also that should the club hold its elections tomorrow the two months suspension will still be in effect.
The issue on BK Western Tigers was also addressed with the GFA informing that the club currently is not a member of the Association due to not meeting the required criteria which bordered around several administrative discrepancies.

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