Mr. Ramotar, you inherited a bushy vineyard that needs urgent pruning

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Dear Editor,
Mr. Ramotar, You are no stranger to the world of politics, Haven’t worked closely with the honourable  Dr.Cheddi Jagan and the not so honourable Bharat Jagdeo? I cannot find a suitable negative word in any dictionary to describe Bharat Jagdeo. Mr. Ramotar, you are now in the driver’s seat, so please use this opportunity to return Guyana to a state of normalcy.
The good LORD JESUS CHRIST in one of his many parables spoke about the actions of the owner of a vineyard. The vineyard from all appearances was blooming. However in reality, It was non-productive. The owner had his labourers  carefully prune the vineyard. He was severely criticized but at harvest time, the crop of grapes was bountiful beyond expectations.
Mr. Ramotar, you inherited a bushy vineyard which needs urgent pruning. Gradually the filth from Jagdeo’s administration will surround and embarrass you. With skillful navigation and expert guidance, you may be able to prevent disaster. The time is now ripe to use the pruning shears.
Ashley Singh

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