Letter to the Sports Editor…Under no given circumstance can GFC accommodate 10,000 spectators

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Dear Sir,
Apart from being an overstatement by a few sports journalists, that the GFA/ Banks DIH sponsored Knockout Tournament which culminated on January 1st, 2012 at the GFC Ground, Bourda, with the third place playoff and finals, had attracted 10,000 spectators, which in essence is far from reality, since the largest areas for accommodation, behind the Regent Street, goal and adjacent to Vlissingen Road, had to share space with the Banks DIH bars.
So, where else was the additional space created? The sand filled pool? Within this context, I have a serious problem with the basic understanding of a letter published in your newspaper (10.01.12) captioned “Football Czars – time to go “by Theresa, who I assume is female. Wherein the individual clearly fails to outline/name the football czars whose time is it to go. But rather mixes up her ego publicly, with a missive, when in one instance she claims.”One venue had 10,000 and the other had maybe a bit more than 2,000″.   In another instance, “Imagine a major final playing in front of about 3,000 people and another major final playing in front of 10,000 people and it was in sheer slush, slime and mud”.
What can one deduce using Theresa’s mathematical formula? “A li’l over 2,000 becomes 3,000, an increase of close to 1,000, while 10,000 remain the same”! By way were the conditions at GFC, conductive for play, in sheer slush, slime and mud?
Once again, who is the football czars-time to go? If, it’s both Kashif and Shanghai, say so and don’t beat around the mulberry bush! By the way Editor, was it Fernando Alonso driving Theresa on the night of both finals with breath taking speed, defying stop lights, major roads, road blocks and even the speed gun.  “Anyway I been to both, I ain’t worry with APNU”. Definitely in perfect order Theresa, since you are by far more intelligent than their 2,000 odd polling agents and top brass, that after 5 weeks of calculation by  academics the SOP’s cannot be tabulated followed by a public declaration.
In the final analysis the football czars that must go starts with the GFF, General Secretary; General Council, that made the foolish decision to exclude city clubs from participating in the Kashif and Shanghai Tournament. And last but not least the Disciplinary Committee, of the GFA which allowed Beacon to go unpunished, out of insularity with the club’s president being a GFA Vice President, so it was okay to have Devon Millington play for Pele, in the K&S Tournament and also for Beacon in a quarterfinal match of the Bank’s DIH K.O.
Can the GFF be accused of insularity by the GFA? Aren’t both two peas in the same pod? By the way Theresa, would you spare a blush for Messrs: Lumumba and Matthias both of whom couldn’t have fixed their clubs and the GFA but nevertheless are Presidential hopefuls for the GFF?
With both Kashif and Shanghai having absolutely no power to upturn the GFF General Council’s decision of not having the best players on show, since all teams from Georgetown, participating in the GFA President’s Beer League were ineligible to participate in the K&S Tournament. What a shame! Whose greed and ego caused this? And who persuaded Banks DIH through family ties to sponsor a rival knockout competition in Georgetown? And why is it Banks DIH wanted to share space at the National Stadium, last September, when Guyana defeated Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 enroute to the 3rd round of the World Cup Qualifiers, but disagreed to share space with, its beverage rivals Ansa M Cal at the GMR&SC November Championships?
Theresa, if you were honest in your outpourings you would have surely eliminated your racist bigotry and realize that in as much as Indians don’t attend football as much as Africans, it’s the former’s business communities that contribute far more in sponsorship, which even extends to clubs. So removing the enviable organizing abilities of Kashif and Shanghai, would also remove the income of forty odd workers annually, community inter- action, additional sales for small black businessmen and women. Is this what you want Theresa? Then their talents would be utilized overseas! Good gosh, then the talents and skills of young footballers would never be spotted again for overseas tryouts and contracts, eight of whom were all flown to Trinidad 2 years ago with all expenses paid by K&S organization.
Kindly shed some additional weight within your structure K&S organizers, interact with clubs more and don’t wait until debriefing, which occurs only once a year. At least organize a Club Leadership, Coaching and Management Seminar. Why wasn’t an appeal by the offended clubs in conjunction with the GFA executives, submitted to the parent body (GFF), citing discrimination and continued under-development of the sport?
Yours truly,
Orin Davis

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