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Dear Editor,
It was a great shock to receive the news of the demise of Cyril Shaw.
I first met Cyril in 1962 when I was employed with Sandbach Parker in the Record department. Cyril was planning to bring Carla Thomas to perform at the Globe Cinema and asked if I would go to the airport, receive her and extend a VIP welcome.
Arrangement s were put in place and approved by Management. The following day she visited the Record Bar where she met customers and signed autographs.
This became a norm for future artists with the media being involved. Followed closely by Carla Thomas came Chuck Jackson He was so elated at how things were so well organised that I became the P.R person whenever an artiste was visiting Guyana.
Taking them to meet the Prime Minister/President and the Mayor of Georgetown was a priority. Through him I had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with many International singers such as Ben-E-King, Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu, Baba Olantungi, Mahalia Jackson, my dear friend Fransisco Slinger (Sparrow) Calypso Rose and finally Ken Lazarus.
It was a great pleasure working along with Cyril. He possessed a unique personality, a simple and humble man, never wanting to share the spotlight, always in the background.
He was very receptive to new ideas and a great listener. He will always be remembered for his sterling contribution to the arts.
It is a pity he was never given an accolade in Guyana. Trinidad and Jamaica recognized him and he was duly rewarded.
To his grieving relatives, I offer my deepest condolence.
Matt Baptiste (Matt’s Record Bar)

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