Dem boys seh…Nuff doctor going to jail

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T 20 cricket playing but Sir Allen Sanford can’t see it. He was a man who put up nuff money. De only thing was that it was thiefing money. Dem boys seh that Sanford in jail.
Nuff doctor gun join he soon. Dr Rama tell de whole world how he got to mek a living. He was de man who tek advantage pun dem poor young people who guh fuh abortion.
When de police come in, he run fuh years. He foot been young then. He got fuh run again but this time he old and fuh sure he gun get ketch. He foot too old and weak.
Then dem have another doctor who does tell people he is a Ram but he is not. He is Bobby.  He ain’t got to run; he flying very high but he wings gun clip soon. He get a big piece of Guyana fuh little or nutten. Time gun ketch up wid he.
Dem got Dr Rat. He talk fat; he cuss people; and he never run. He think he invisible and above de law. He give away half of Guyana to he friends but de real big man was watching he all de time.
That is one man don’t sleep at all. He does see everything. That same big man come down to de Waterfalls paper in spirit and tell  dem boys that is only time.
This is de same doctor who teach he friends to count when de government was awarding contract. De contract price was high because when ordinary people count 2+2+2+3 equal 9, Dr Rat and he friends use to mek it 13.
Then dem have Dr Bar Rose. He want tun Prime Minister. Somebody swell he head and tell he how Uncle Donald gun mek he de Prime Minister. He didn’t know is fooling he get. He still think is true but de appointment tekking too long suh he write a letter to de newspapers.
De only thing is that he nah sign he own name. He sign a woman name, some Thomas, who happen to be dem boys neighbour. De woman seh that she nah write no letter but that he ask she fuh use she name. Is a letter he write praising heself.
He praise heself thinking that Uncle Donald gun read de letter and pull he in fuh boss Sam Hinds. He got a long wait. Dem boys want Uncle Donald to know a scamp when he see one.
Knee Ass running. This time he running behind Kwame because dem deh on de way out. And Mark Rum Atar on he way out too. He drowning he sorrows in de rum  shop every day.
Talk half. Lef half.

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