Man brutally murders wife

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–    Suspect abandons car at Mahaicony, flees to Suriname  

In what appears to have been a carefully planned move, a middle-aged man brutally murdered his wife


before fleeing the jurisdiction yesterday.
Rushelle Rodney, 33, was discovered lying in a pool of blood, in the kitchen of her Blankenburg Executive Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara house.
The shocking discovery was made by her 11-year-old son, shortly after noon when he came home from school for lunch.
This latest murder has kept police on the West Coast of Demerara on their toes as it marks already the third killing to rock the division so far for the year.
Kaieteur News understands that Rodney’s throat was slit and her body bore multiple stab wounds, giving the impression of a vicious assault.
Police have launched a massive manhunt for the woman’s husband, 34-year-old Shawn Rodney, but there are indications that he might have already fled to neighbouring Suriname en route to French Guiana.
Acting on information, police ranks in all Divisions had been alerted.
The car the alleged killer used (licence plate PNN 9420) was found abandoned at Carlton Hall, Mahaicony, on the East Coast of Demerara, a few hours after the discovery of the woman’s body. It is understood that the suspect joined a minibus for the remainder of his journey along the eastern corridor.
The man had also abducted a six-year-old nephew of the dead woman who had witnessed the murder and only released him to return home once he had been safely in a boat heading for Suriname.
The lad arrived home in a taxi and related, in his own way, how the woman met her death.
He claimed that he was watching television when he heard Rodney and her husband arguing bitterly.

The Blankenburg, WCD house in which Rushell Rodney’s body was found.

According to the lad, the woman had apparently locked her husband out of the house but he somehow managed to gain entry and immediately set about viciously attacking the woman.
“He pick up de knife… all de knife had blood,” the lad told reporters, while indicating with his hand how his aunt’s killer slit the woman’s throat.
He was subsequently taken away from the house by the killer.
The man even called relatives and told them that he had the six-year-old boy and was taking him to safety, since his wife was not at home.
Relatives believe that this was a ploy to prevent them from possibly visiting his house and making the discovery before he escaped.
Earlier, this publication was told that the woman’s son had returned home for lunch at around noon, a few hours after it is estimated that the murder took place.
In a definite attempt to buy time, the killer had sent a man to the son’s school to give him money to buy lunch so that he would not have to go home for that purpose.
“He was hoping that they didn’t find out about it before he get time fuh mek he heights and get away,” a relative reasoned.
But since the woman’s son was accustomed to going home every midday, he still went home and stumbled upon the gruesome sight of his mother’s bloody remains.
According to reports in the area, the boy was seen entering the yard but within minutes he came running back out and screaming. He then went and reported to a neighbour what he had seen.
“I hear he callin fuh ‘mommy, mommy’, then I hear somebody hollering. He run over here screaming and say, ‘auntie auntie, like mommy kill she self, all over gat blood, we gat fuh call de police’,” a neighbour recounted.
Hesitant and fearful, neighbours said they did not enter the building but immediately called in the police.
Shortly after the police along with other relatives arrived and confirmed what the lad had told them.

The woman’s 11-year old son explains to investigators how he discovered his mother’s body.

Kaieteur News understands that the entire kitchen area was awash with blood. All of the woman’s gold jewellery which she was wearing at the time was intact. These items were all covered in blood as they were carefully removed by crime scene ranks. Also ranks removed three blood-stained kitchen knives. There are reports that one of the knives was broken in two pieces, another bent out of shape and the third almost normal.
One of the woman’s sisters said that she received a telephone call from the killer who said that the woman had walked out on him.
Suspecting that something was wrong, the woman’s sister tried to contact her brother-in-law but he kept avoiding them.
“We call he back and he answer the phone but all he say is that he driving and police on the road and he can’t really talk.”
Relatives said that Rodney endured a very rocky relationship with her husband since they were married almost two years ago. However, neighbours said that they cannot recall hearing any heated argument from the couple, who are originally from the villages of Golden Grove and Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara.

A relative consoles the dead woman’s grieving sister and daughter.

Yesterday was no different.
They all expressed shock upon learning what had happened.
After the scene was thoroughly searched by detectives the woman’s body was removed by undertakers from the Ezekiel Funeral Home.

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