MV Oliver goes missing at high seas

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On Wednesday  December 21, last, the MV Oliver L, registered in the name of Raymond Lord, left Trinidad destined for Port Georgetown, Guyana, but to date has not arrived nor its crew members have not been heard from.
Last contact was made with the Master of the vessel at 8:00 hours on Thursday December 22, 2011.  The vessel was being crewed by Mampy Andrews, Sunil and Clad Burnette. The vessel was equipped with Satellite Phone and was expected to arrive in Guyana on Christmas Eve Day.
Additional time was allotted because of bad weather. Based on information from other vessels, a new arrival time was calculated to be latest December 26, Boxing Day.
No communication has been made with the vessel and no sighting recorded.
On December 27, 2011, an aircraft from Air Services Limited was hired to do an aerial search. The aircraft flew up to the Guyana border at Waini in the North West Region. Nothing was seen of the vessel. This publication was told that the Trinidad Coast Guards have since been notified and a search has been conducted along their southern shores but to date, nothing has been observed.
In addition the Venezuelan Coast Guards have been notified and they reported that an aerial search along their coast was mounted by their Air Force but nothing again was observed. Based on advice of senior seamen, the Trinidad Coast Guards were once again advised that there is a possibility that the vessel could have drifted along the Eastern coast of Trinidad towards Grenada. Trinidad Coast Guards immediately advised that yesterday morning, they would have conducted a search in that area.
The Trinidad Coast Guards said also that they have notified the Coast Guards in Venezuela, Guyana, Barbados, Tobago and Grenada. They also will be notifying all islands up to Puerto Rico.
On December 28, a small wooden vessel was dispatched with three experienced seamen to comb the Venezuela Orinoco River area. Those vessels are yet to return and report on their findings. Back in Guyana, a formal report was lodged at the Leonora Police Station and Harbor Master. A telephone report was also made to the CID Department at Eve Leary.
The search is continuing.

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