Mother criticises Bartica police officers

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A mother is speaking out against the police, apparently fed up with the manner in which police ranks of the Bartica Police Station are executing their services.
Evette Chung, the mother of Madonna Griffith, a resident of Itaballi located in the Mazaruni River, was enraged when she claimed that police officers on Christmas Day ransacked her daughter’s house and arrested the woman’s 14-year-old brother- in- law over an alleged stolen barrel of diesel.
According to the woman the police were making checks for a barrel of diesel that they claimed was hidden in the yard.
She said she had no difficulty with the ranks performing their duties, but related that her daughter’s home could have been spared the unnecessary damages.
Chung is furious that officers are not considerate when examining the property of public persons.
The mother claimed that her daughter had left Bartica and had travelled to her home to spend Christmas Day with her. She said later that day she received a call that police officers were upturning the home of her daughter and had the woman’s 14-year-old brother- in- law in custody.
Chung said that she dashed to the location to find her daughter’s well decorated Christmas home trashed and almost all new trimmings, disturbed.
She said the newly bought carpet was covered in mud from the officer’s dirty boots. She said the ranks up turned her daughter’s bedroom.
“They turn all she bed upside down as if a barrel of diesel could fit under there.” Chung continued that the officers stormed through her daughter’s kitchen and the attached rooms.
“They have no respect for people’s property,” the woman said.
Chung revealed that after making checks at the station she found the 14-year-old boy in the lock ups.
He had to remain there overnight and after being released the following day, no charges were instituted.
She claimed that the police gave the family no information and they did not comment on the actions of the police who wrecked Griffith’s house.
Kaieteur News after contacting ranks at the Bartica Police Station, was told that more than one person was held in the diesel theft.
The rank claimed that the said barrel was found under Griffith’s house but it was still unclear as to who had placed the barrel there as an investigation is ongoing.
The rank said that all the detained persons are out on $10,000 bail.
He continued that the persons had to appear at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court on Friday last, but due to the incomplete investigation report, the matter will be called again on Tuesday.

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