GWI accused of faulty billing system

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A La- Grange, West Bank Demerara man is accusing Guyana Water Inc. of wrongfully disconnecting his water since December 14, last.
According to the man, he had been up-to-date with his bill payments to the water company, and even though he didn’t receive water in late 2006-2007 he still paid his water rate.
The man explained that in 2006, the water well in La Grange had collapsed forcing residents to be without water for 18 months. “We start get back water in late 2007. Now they come and replace my meter with a new one and since then the problem step in,” he added.
This publication understands that after the meter was changed in 2008, the man received a bill from the company stating that he is in arrears of $87,089.
He then went into one of the company’s office in Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara to query his bill. There a manager told him to pay $10,387 plus the reconnection fee.
“I refused to pay that because I have all my receipts showing my payments. Also how the bill got $87,089? And she telling me to pay $10,387. That’s because they don’t have proper records,” the enraged man added.
“I challenge them to show me their accounting statement. They don’t have proper accounting records and with that they are wrongfully obtaining money from the public, I therefore challenged them to show me their records,” the man lamented.
Several efforts to contact the water company proved futile.

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