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A Happy New Year to all Guyana! Kaieteur News joins in welcoming the year 2012.
We are hopeful that this year will see the beginning of a new process of all our leaders and political parties working together so that our country can prosper.
2011 is no more and so too are the elections of 2011. It is time for all Guyana to set aside the animosities and differences that those elections created. The results of the 2011 elections have defied the myth that the Westminster system is a zero sum game. The results of the elections have made all the political parties winners and Guyana is now uniquely poised to exploit the possibilities that our new parliament will present.
It is time for the collective will of the Guyanese people to be embraced by all and for serious action to begin to reverse the decadence that had taken root under the Jagdeo administration.
The government now has a golden opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to inclusiveness. The recently elected President has made a heartening start by agreeing to work with the main opposition parties in a number of areas. He has also began to reverse some of the wrong things that were being done under the previous administration.
There is however a great deal to be done to undo the skullduggery, corruption, over-pricing of contracts and cronyism that existed under the previous administration, and the government is sure to garner the support of the people of Guyana as it begins to undo these things.
The opposition parties are not left out of this process. They are now faced with the prospect of being more than just a shadow government. They now have a chance to contribute to the good life for all.
We here at Kaieteur News also want to see our people enjoy a rewarding 2012. We believe that we can do this by staying faithful to our mission of helping to ensure that we have an enlightened citizenry that is able to make informed choices.
We therefore commit to doing what we have done throughout the years, to serve you our readers and the people of Guyana to the best of our abilities by bringing to you matters of public interest, including ensuring that those who enriched themselves through cronyism, pilfering from the public treasury and other forms of corruption are brought to justice.
We intend to continue to expose what is and has taken place so as to ensure that State assets that were taken and handed to friends under corrupt deals are returned to the people of Guyana.
We have been in the forefront of the fight against corruption and we were subject to a great deal of pressures over the past year. That we survived those pressures is due in no small measure to the support that we have received from our readers and advertisers.
We thank all of you for your patronage over the past year and we look forward to your continued support in 2012.

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