State drops armed robbery charges against Sean Hinds

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Charges against ex-policeman Sean Hinds have been withdrawn. The 40-year-old resident of 552 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, yesterday heard that he had no case to answer.
He was charged with six others for the July 12 robbery of businessman Malcolm Panday. Of the seven arrested, Hinds is the only one exempted from the charge.
Recommendations coming out of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) indicated that there was insufficient evidence to prove a case against Hinds.
Yesterday, the man appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry where he was informed that the charge had been dropped.
Hinds had originally been charged for playing a role in a robbery which occurred at Bel Air Gardens. Cash in excess of $7 million had been taken from Anne Ramsood, a member of Panday’s household. The bandits had forced their way into Panday’s home after a maid was about to make her exist.
The men had placed the family along with their assistants to sit on the ground while they inquired about monies in the home. After scaring the persons with weapons, the bandits were led to money and valuables. The men then made off with the family’s belongings.
Reports also indicated that the brother of Pandy’s wife heard the commotion, as he was on the phone with his sister at the time of the incident. The man reportedly followed the crooks as they drove off and signaled a police vehicle on its way to Panday’s residence that he was in pursuit of the robbers.
The bandits were intercepted at the Ocean Spray Hotel where they opened fire on seeing police ranks. After a short stand off the accused persons were detained for the alleged robbery. Investigations led officers to various persons and places.
Mr. Panday’s mother-in-law, Chandrada Rampersaud; Hardat Kumar, 23, of Owen Street, Kitty;  Jermaine Mitchell, 20, of YY 15 North East La Penitence, a porter at the Continental Company; Rabindra Seemangal, 20, 100 Sheriff Street; Aubrey Simon, 21, 1414 Princes Street; and Rayon Jones of Lot 2 Hardina Street, Wortmanville are all implicated in the mid year robbery.
These persons are currently out on bail in excess of 1M.

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