Three would be ‘bandits’ caught in the act

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Three would-be thieves got the shock of their lives yesterday morning as they

The would be bandits as they await police escort to their newest place of residency in the foreseeable future

were caught ‘red handed’ in the act by an armed plainclothes police rank.
About 09:15hrs a middle aged female shopper parked her motorcycle in the vicinity of Bourda Street and Orange Walk and entered the adjoining market to make a purchase. The drama soon unfolded unknowing to her.
According to eyewitnesses the men pounced on the locked motorcycle as she went into the market and broke into the storage compartment below the seat.
They retrieved a purse with an undisclosed sum of money along with her passport and other documents.
Unknowing to the bandits their action was being monitored by the plainclothes policeman who was watching them all along from a vantage point mere few feet away.
As they attempted to make good their escape he challenged them and in the process discharged a warning shot. This stopped the thieves in their tracks.
They were apprehended with the help of another police rank who was also nearby in plainclothes. The thieves were made to lie on the ground until a mobile patrol arrived and whisked them off to the nearby police headquarters.
It was not until the female victim returned from her shopping that she realized all that had transpired.
The men are expected to be placed before the courts shortly.

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