Praying for a peaceful elections

November 26, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
Churches with large congregations of Guyanese and Caribbean worshippers throughout the United States of America will be interceding for Guyana tomorrow- the eve of National and Regional Elections.
Prayer warriors have been fasting and praying in New York for weeks for the hand of God to guide the electorate to vote right for a new dispensation in the governance of Guyana. The time has come for the barefaced practice of ‘Sole-Proprietorship Governance’ by the PPP/C to be brought to a screeching halt.
As sole proprietor, the PPP/C has ransacked the nation. Our Jamaican friends would say ‘dem hold down and tek weh’ we resources. Since the fervency of prayer and fasting by Guyanese at home and abroad has increased, Guyana has witnessed many miraculous ‘signs and wonders’ among the electorate in the onward march to change. The combination of prayer and meticulous political action on the ground will pay dividends. A great awakening has taken hold. APNU’S campaign strategy has thrown the PPP/C off-balance. APNU is the only party to enter into a ‘Covenant between citizens and government’ as enshrined in its manifesto. APNU’s ‘Covenant’ is a fresh and winnable brand. It has galvanized the nation. The great Guyanese revival is upon us.
Guyanese are a people of faith and should not hesitate to sign on to APNU’s ‘sacred oath’.
This is profound and deserves to be embraced by Guyanese of all major faiths. APNU’s ‘Covenant’ is almost of Biblical proportions. When we examine the Covenants God made with his people through the hands of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Joshua, we see the positive results and transforming impacts. Noah built his ark according to God’s instructions and saved his family from the flood.
Abraham secured the promised land for the Hebrew people and brought spiritual blessings to his offspring. Moses parted the Red Sea for his people to cross and he liberated two million Jews from Egypt. Joshua secured a military alliance that conquered the Canaanites and settled the Hebrew tribes in the Promised Land.
Likewise, the Hand of God shall guide the electorate on Monday, November 28th, to elect a leader after His own heart. Your vote for A Partnership for National Unity is a sound investment in a covenantal future which is in your hands. You are guaranteed of ‘a good life’ under a government of national unity. Voters are encouraged to vote early and go home to avoid any confrontation.
May the peace of God which passeth all understanding engulf our beautiful land on Election Day 2011 and beyond, and may the results bring honor and glory to the Lord.
Standhope Williams

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