Letter to the Sports Editor…Adonis’s 30-day ban a further awakening for local football

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Dear Editor,
Before I divulge the harsh but sad realities of the situation as it unfolded on Friday, November 19, 2011 when the Ethics Committee of FIFA handed down its decision, in suspending Noel Adonis, General Secretary, Guyana Football Federation for a period of 30 days and a fine of 300 Swiss Francs, May, I extend my heartiest congratulations to the players, managerial and coaching staff of Guyana’s senior national male team for their historical feat, in qualifying for the 3rd round of the FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifiers following their 2-1 win over Trinidad and Tobago, on 11.11.11 at the National Stadium, Providence.
While not foregoing the thousands of fans and supporters, who despite ethnicity and political affiliation gave their patriotic support for the Golden Jaguars and I must remonstrate that the   historical achievement was in the absence of former GFF President, Mr. Colin Klass. So, in actuality what does this say.  Was it an act of divine intervention, since the Almighty works in mysterious ways? Definitely, I think so!
Editor, the mere idea that there were Ethics violations contrary to the statues of FIFA, remains a clear indication that the integrity of the GFF‘s representation at the CFU Congress was compromised. As such, it remains prudent for the individual not to be reinstated given the fact that: The General Council, in accordance to Parliamentary Procedure is supposed to be the “Highest Decision Making Forum”, whose collective voices would always outnumber the GFF executive at any Congress/Meeting.
As a consequence it remains imperative for the General Council to request an Extra Ordinary Congress to review Adonis’ (non) performance for the period of his employment.
Wherein it must be taken into serious consideration than on ‘2’ consecutive occasions the General Secretary had blundered administratively with unconstitutional written notification, in relation to the Annual General Meeting.
Further to this it’s the same individual, who last December performed the duties of Returning Officer for the GFA-AGM/Elections of Office Bearers and 5 months later the body was deemed illegal. As a conscious “Black man” it remains bothersome that such incompetence continues to be displayed as a “badge of honour” and be rewarded with a hefty monthly salary, within the vicinity of $200, 000, the envy of many public servants.
Finally, the inhumane gesture of Adonis who was grossly unfair to Sunburst Camptown in last year’s National League, when the individual in tandem with the 1st Vice President, had demanded that the team immediately pack their bags and head for the Bartica Stelling for a return journey to Parika, since the day in question, cricket was being played at the Bartica Community Centre ground; the fixture had indicated an 18:00 hrs start, which was subsequently readjusted by 2 hours as the floodlights were not functioning and last but not least no visible markings were evident on the ground.
Against this mountainous level of incompetence and unprofessionalism, Adonis’ final disclosure was “the GFF is cutting costs, so the decision for Camptown to return to the city was imperative”.
Yet again, the hotelier with an advance booking for accommodation and meals would have had to receive a percentage of the contracted cost for non-fulfillment, but nevertheless the “inhumane gesture that accordingly defies the national maritime law” in relation to small craft/boat plying the waterways after 6:00 pm is enough evidence that all and sundry should have denounced in a unified voice, which was cost cutting.
So in actuality the slap on the wrist 30 day suspension is enough evidence for Adonis to remove Klass’ photograph off the wall and ride unceremoniously into the sunset. Or mildly put, paraphrasing an AFC executive member, Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes “Hit the road Jack”, while I would add “Don’t you come back no more”.
Lester Sealey

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