Dem boys seh…R fuh Rat and R fuh Rich

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After dem boys ask that question and promise to get visa and free travel to de US, about 5,000 people send in de answer. One man and he wife send in. One write half and de other one write de other half. Dem claim how dem can’t travel separate and if dem win dem want win together.
De wife write Rat and de man write Bar. Dem order dem boys fuh put de two answers together.
Was a question to de people. Who is de richest Government official in de region? One man claim how he can’t remember de whole name suh he only send in Rat. Some people write Rat Bar and one or two write Rob-Bert. One man write Gutter Rat.
Kwame send in one entry wid half de answer and he write de other part and sign Julius name. He claim how he want back a visa and he not leaving Julius behind. He can’t stand de loss.
Dem boys think that dem was asking a hard question. Now dem got to ask de Visa Section fuh cancel all other visa that dem did plan to give de other Guyanese and direct all to de prize winners.
One man claim how he get de answer when he see some containers in a yard. He believe that all dem container full of money. Then he hear people singing “Me guh watch him.” He now know that everybody got to watch dem container when dem gun move out.
And dem boys want to know why he fly up sudden to meet wid sugar workers in Berbice. Dem hear he mek a proposal to de sugar workers but dem tell he “too late.”
One man seh “better late than never” and one of dem seh that a promise is a comfort to a fool. Dem looking to Donald now.
Talk half. Wait fuh de other half.

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