Roger Harper moves contempt motion in Court against several cricket officials

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Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) President and former West Indies Test cricketer Roger Harper has moved a contempt motion against several cricket administrators claiming to be executives of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) in the High Court.
The Order that was seen by Kaieteur Sport says: “Rajendra Singh, Alfred Mentore, Anand Sanasie, Krischnchand Mangal, Dr. Ravi Persaud, Anand Kalladeen, Lalta Digamber, Colin Europe, Rohan Sarjoo, Ray Persaud, the Respondents herein, do stand committed to the Georgetown Prison for contempt of Court for holding and attending meetings, organizing competitions, selecting teams, and/or holding themselves out to be and/or acting as members of the Demerara Cricket Board or authorizing and instructing the same to be done, in complete disrespect, disobedience and disregard of the undertaking given to the Honourable Justice James Bovell-Drakes (in Chambers) dated the 21st day of April, 2011”
The issue concerning the two feuding factions of the DCB had reached the attention of the Court which prohibited any member of both factions acting or performing any function of a DCB official.
Rajendra Singh, Anand Sanasie and other defendants were present in Court in April and gave an undertaking to the Judge through their Lawyer that they would not perform any function of the DCB until the matter was heard and determined by the court. This matter is still pending.
Harper claims that since that undertaking was given to the Honourable Court, the Respondents have been engaging in several acts which are contrary thereto.
In his affidavit in support of notice of motion, Harper swore under oath and said:
‘On the 25th October, 2011, the ninth-named Respondent herein, Rohan Sarjoo, purporting to be Public Relations Officer of the Demerara Cricket Board, issued a Press Release naming a team to participate in a Guyana Cricket Board Under-17 Competition. Hereto annexed and marked ‘B’ is a copy of the Press Release.
The Press Release aforesaid names on the letterhead of the Demerara Cricket Board the first, sixth and ninth named Respondents as President, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer thereof, respectively.
On the 20th day of October, 2011, the first-named Respondent herein sent an e-mail, containing an attachment, which was an invitation to the third Statutory Meeting of the Demerara Cricket Board and the agenda therefor, scheduled to be held on the 24th day of October, 2011. Hereto annexed and marked ‘C1’ and ‘C2’ are copies of the e-mail and attachment.
The Respondents herein have been attending meetings of the Guyana Cricket Board, purporting to be legitimate members of the Demerara Cricket Board”
The matter is scheduled to be heard today in Court.

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