Letter to the Sports Editor…Incorrect and unfair practices in the ongoing Guyana T/20 competition

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Editor’s note: This letter was dispatched to the President of the WICB and was forwarded to Kaieteur Sport.  We publish with no alteration so the public could judge on the situation highlighted.

Dear Dr. Hunte,
I write with great urgency regarding the incorrect and unfair practice of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) concerning the current Pepsi/Carib T/20 competition with is being used to select the Guyana T/20 team for the regional tournament. The competition was divided in several zones, each comprising three teams, who were required to play each other once, after which the top two teams advances to a knockout phase, called the Super Eights.
Of the teams selected to participate in the above-referenced competition, the East Coast Jaguars, for which I am the Team Manager, was placed in a zone containing two other teams, Georgetown Pit Bulls and East Bank Pirates. Georgetown topped the zone with two wins whilst its margins of victory over both remaining teams resulted in East Coast Jaguars having a better run rate than East Bank Pirates, after the third game was ‘abandoned’. The three games were:
1.     On Saturday morning 12 November 2011, in a full twenty over affair, East Coast Jaguars made 78 for 8 (on a damp pitch). Georgetown replied with 80 for 1 in 12.5 overs.
2.     On Saturday afternoon 12 November 2011, again featuring the full twenty overs, East Bank Pirates made 77. Georgetown responded with 78 for 3 in 9 overs.
3.     On Wednesday 16 November 2011, final game, between East Bank and East Coast, with both teams having arrived 1 hr before the match, was not played upon the insistence of the Secretary of the GCB, Mr. Anand Sanasie and Tournament Director, Robin Singh that conditions were unsuitable for play. It was felt that a 15-over match was easily played although the mildly damp conditions, but the umpires were instructed by both gentlemen to call off play.
At the end of Wednesday’s game, the Tournament Director told me contact will be made with regards to the arrangements for the next round, the Super Eight phase. Despite numerous telephone calls to the GCB Office and to Mr. Singh’s mobile number the following day, Thursday 17 November, by me and other team officials, little feedback was received. It was discovered in that very day’s newspapers the East Bank Pirates team had advanced to the next round; hence our frantic calls to inquire. When asked about the criteria with which East Bank Pirates advanced to the next round, Mr. Singh said it was a technicality and would need to get back to me with a proper explanation.
The following day, yesterday, Friday 18 November 2011, after the Tournament Director failed to called, frenetic calls again to Mr. Singh and the GCB proved futile. No one could explain why the East Coast Jaguars could not advance to the next round in spite of having a superior run rate than one of the teams which had advanced. Mr. Singh kept turning down calls, and whenever contact was made claimed each time he was busy and could not provide an answer.
This abominable act discriminates against a team which legitimately qualified to the next round. I am therefore seeking your urgent intervention since the Guyana Team T/20 to be selected will not comprise the best Guyana players, especially since several top players are part of the East Coast Jaguars team and have therefore now lost the opportunity, due to the Board’s nepotism. We have since learned from an official of the board, who wishes not to be identified, that GCB disqualified the East Coast Jaguars on the grounds of ‘losing by forfeiture’ the third match, referenced above, while the third game was not played due to fears that the East Coast team would have beaten the East Bank team.
Jewan Persaud
Team Manager
c.c.:     Stephen Camacho, Secretary to Executive committee
Roland Holder, Senior Operations Officer
Joel Garner, Chairman, Cricket Committee

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