Dem boys seh…Marriott plan for Brazzy

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When a bank decide to invest in a project is time to buy shares in that bank. Republic Bank putting money in Marriott and dem boys seh that it got to `be that de bank people looking fuh a hide away.
When people got shares in a project like a hotel dem got to get special room. And wid de way things going no wuk ain’t deh in de country and dem young gyal looking fuh man wid money, is no shortage of company fuh de room.
But dem boys seh that de room and de service is all de returns de bank gun get because de hotel got to mek people fuh full dem rooms.
But that is only part of de question. Dem boys seh that dem open dem eyes when dem see de people who tun up fuh de hotel programme. None of dem diplomats tun up and dem boys wonder why.
Is when dem hear Badal complain that dem understand. Badal telling people fuh watch out fuh money laundering, how some of de people who investing in de hotel may be drug people.
That is a serious complain. But then again de government people stop going to Pegasus a long time ago—ever since Badal buy it. Now dem boys waiting fuh see if de Republic Bank people gun stop going too because dem involve in de Marriott.
But that is only one thing. All of a sudden Brazzy coming into de picture. People didn’t know that he meet with de Marriott boss man. That meeting give de man an estimate of de size of bed dem have to put in de Marriott. But Brazzy didn’t tell de people that.
And he also influence de size of de kitchen. That is wheh de hotel guh lose any profit it might mek.
Talk half. Lef half.

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