Accused motorcycle gunman on three charges of robbery under arms

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…asked to post bail in excess of 1M


After the court issued an arrest warrant for him one week ago and after he was requested in court since November 14, Randy Morris finally made his appearance in court yesterday.
The wanted man was brought before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine- Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer three separate charges of robbery under arms.

Randy Morris

Morris, on November 9, last, while armed with a gun, allegedly robbed Kenneth Anthony Joaquin of some $5M. Also on September 23, last, at the Bourda Market, he allegedly robbed Indira Dandhoo of articles worth in excess of $100,000.
On the same day the man had reportedly robbed Mohammad Kamir of items worth in excess of $1M.
The prosecutor told the court that on November 9, while traveling along Hunter Street the victim, Kenneth Joaquin, had the cash in a motor car. The car stopped at a traffic light where a man with a gun approached the door and yanked it open.
The gunman ordered Joaquin to hand over the money but the victim resisted and he was subsequently shot in his thigh. The defendant subsequently escaped with his accomplice upon a motorbike. According to the charge the victim was relieved of $5,032,000.
On another robbery under arms charge, Morris heard that on September 23, at the Bourda Market along with others stole one cell phone valued at $180,000 from Kamir while he along with his accomplices also stole from Dandhoo jewelry and cash totaling 1.4M.
Randy Morris was not required to plead. He is being represented by Defence Counsel Adrian Thompson. The lawyer on behave of his client made a bail application.
Thompson told the court that his client was not placed on an identification parade where he would have  been identified as the culprit in the alleged crime. The lawyer also claimed that it is obvious that the wanted man in the picture of the motorcycle thief could not have been his client since they are of two different built. The attorney claimed that his client was much fatter than the wanted man.
Morris’s lawyer also presented to the court a medical certificate explaining the man’s absence since the first calling of the Bourda robbery. It was said that Morris was apparently ill with food poisoning and unable to be present for the hearing.
The prosecution indicated to the court that they wished to seek legal advice on how they should proceed in the matter. They further told the court that if bail be granted to Morris it should be a substantial sum.
Previously Shawn Welch, Michael Taylor and Kelvin Singh were also charged as the accomplices in the Bourda Market heist. Morris was still to present himself at the court. The men were charged separately for the offence. The charges were subsequently withdrawn and reinstituted against the men jointly. The men were placed on $250,000 bail for each charge. Morris was also implicated in this matter and later in the Hunter Street heist that occurred earlier this month.
Morris turned himself into the police on Friday last. The man had told this paper that he had just returned from Suriname and after hearing that he was wanted by the authorities decided to turn himself in.
Morris is no stranger to the police having been detained for numerous robberies under arm. Nevertheless he has never been convicted of any of the charges nor have the police been able to gather enough evidence to put the alleged robber away for any lengthy period.
Morris was granted bail in the same sum as his alleged accomplices in the Bourda heist; $250,000 on each charge. He will face the charge together with the men. The defendant was also asked to post a $600,000 bail sum for the $5M robbery at Hunter Street.
Morris will return to court on February 2.

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