They have reduced themselves to cussing out

November 21, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
I was in attendance at a PPP/C so called rally on Friday November 18 at the Stabroek Market Square, and I stood there in disbelief as the “President” was being so disrespectful to other candidates contesting this election.
And to think those candidates are bonafide Guyanese, it is no wonder we are not regarded well overseas. How distasteful it was. If that is what Mr. Jagdeo considers democracy then he must have read the meaning of the word in the dictionary all jumbled up.
Then there was Mr. Lumumba, a sad excuse for a human being, saying that Mr. Granger is not suitable to contest this election because he is an old man. I do not know Mr. Lumumba‘s age but I am quite sure, looking at the two, Mr. Granger looks better.
I am also quite sure that Mr. Granger is fitter than the rest of them put together. It is obvious that they do not have anything of real substance to talk about so they have reduced themselves to cussing out.
If it is a ploy to divert attention from dealing with the real issues, people’s minds are already made up. Mr. Jagdeo and the rest of the cuss birds, you loose! Electors on November 28 vote this cabal out of office.
Faith Vancooten

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