Mother of four killed by speeding bus after leaving church

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A mother of four was killed yesterday by a speeding minibus shortly after she had left church at  Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (WCD).
The woman was identified as 54-year-old Budwantee Cyril Vissoon of Lot 300, Goed Fortuin W.B.D.
Reports revealed that the accident occurred at 12:35 hrs while the minibus driver was overtaking another vehicle in order to catch the Harbour Bridge which was set to close.
However, the driver lost control and slammed into Vissoon on the Goed Fortuin Public Road.
After the collision the passengers were offloaded and the members of the “Living Word New Testament Church” assisted the injured woman into the same minibus.
The driver transported the badly injured Vissoon to the West Demerara Regional Hospital. She was then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she was pronounced dead.

Budwantee Cryil Vissoon

Reports further revealed that the bus driver was identified as Mohammed Hussein, and he was taken into police custody after he was caught leaving the West Demerara Regional Hospital.
According to the victim’s husband who only gave his name as Vissoon, he was at home cooking awaiting his wife’s arrival.
However he became worried after noticing that the time at which she would normally return from church had elapsed, since it was unusual for her to not return from church after midday.
Vissoon explained that shortly after 12:00hrs, a man visited his home and enquired what clothing his wife was wearing when she left home, since it appeared as if she was involved in an accident.
“I told him that she had a pink top, black skirt, and a handbag. The man then tell me my wife was in an accident on Goed Fortuin Public Road….when I reach where it happen the police tell me that my wife died and the bus that hit her down carried her to the ‘Best Hospital.” Vissoon said.
Relatives yesterday gathered at the GPHC in despair as they collectively related that the driver of the ambulance who transported Budwantee Cyril Vissoon was reluctant to do so when given the task at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.
“The driver of the ambulance like he vex cause after he asked for a raise, we ask he what raise yo looking for…since then the man taking he time, and do everything while my mother bleeding severely. He ain’t even put on his siren and the ambulance driving slow! Everybody done reach down to the Georgetown Hospital and the ambulance did not even reach,” one of the women said.
Other relatives corroborated that the driver of the ambulance appeared as if he wanted a confrontation with family members at the GPHC, since when inquiries were made as to why the prolonged delay and the lack of urgency on his behalf was so blatant. The ambulance driver became angry and GPHC staff wanted to remove them from the compound.
“Before the ambulance driver drop off my mother who was in need of emergency medical attention, he just went to the maternal unit to drop a woman who was not in a serious state, and take his time to carry the lady in before he brought my mother over here.” One of the woman’s sons said. “My mother was bleeding seriously and they didn’t even care.”
“The driver said he wanted a $1,000 to buy a drink.” Another relative emphatically said.
Relatives are calling on the Public Hospital’s administration and the Minister of Health to investigate this complaint.

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