Kwame McKoy thinks he has immunity in society

November 21, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
Over the past several months Kwame Mc Koy, the Presidential Information Liaison has being abusing his power.  There are many incidents in which Mc Koy was involved in and he was not arrested because of the connection he has to the Office of President (OP).
Here are some of the things we know about Mc Koy.  He gun butts a 50-year old man.  According to the Guyana Observer News, he was caught in a phone conversation begging for sex with a minor, which led to the revocation of his United States visa.  He ran over a young lady with his Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), injuring her.
Propaganda Press noted that he vandalized the vehicle of social activist Mark Benschop; he also stole a laptop and other items from Benschop’s vehicle.  He assaulted an APNU volunteer.  I am advocating that the next government of Guyana investigate Mc Koy’s abuse of power.
The Guyanese public is tired of Mc Koy parading around as though he is immune to Guyana’s laws.  Also the Office of the President (OP) is simply ignoring Mc Koy’s violation of the laws.  The police are only taking statements from Mc Koy and have not been able to arrest him.
I am urging victims, especially those who were assaulted by Mc Koy to band together and confront him. We are giving him too much leisure in society to assault and threaten others.
Stephen Samuel

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