Dem boys seh…Guyana gun have more hotel than people

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Guyana racing fuh put up more hotel than people. Dem got Pegasus but Bar Rat seh that it ain’t good and people complaining. Dem building Marriott. Then two more people plan fuh build two more hotel. Dem want build Hilton and dem want build Sheraton.
Dem boys want fuh know wha gun happen wid Princess. Already without any competition people don’t guh deh. Most of de rooms empty.
When dem build all dem other hotel dem boys want know who gun full de rooms. But another thing. Wid all this talk bout global warming, you got to wonder if is true because Bar Rat build he house near de ocean and dem now building de Marriott pun de sea.
Is nuff money and dem boys know all de time that people want to invest de money dem have since it ain’t got value under de mattress.
De Marriott gun always have security because all dem government Minister gun live deh. Dem gun rent out dem house. Somebody got to find a way fuh de hotel to mek money.  De government gun pay fuh de Ministers and dem gun push up de price.
Dem boys seh that dem also notice that is Chinee people building de new hotel. Chinee people building everything. Dem building de airport, dem building de airstrip, dem building de hydro. In couple years de whole country gun only have Chinee and Brazilian. De Brazilian in de bush and de Chinee pun de coast. De few Guyanese deh in de middle at Diamond and Parfaite.
In any case, Guyanese running way and all because of Bar Rat but de man mekking sure that de country always have people. He call it replacement technology.
Talk half. Lef half. 

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