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Dear Editor,
I am an observer and would like to bring to the reader’s attention the atrocities of the management of the state-owned Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) Publishers of the Daily and Sunday Chronicle, which are directed at helpless employees.
I direct this letter to the Office of the President (OP), the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU) and the Board of Directors, especially the Chairman, Keith Burrowes to take the necessary action to correct the situation.
The Chairman has scheduled many meetings with employees but did not show but had the time to visit the entity this week for a mere Mastermind Quiz presentation.
This has aggravated employees and the company, bearing in mind that the GNNL has not held its Annual General Meeting for the past three years.
Firstly, one senior official holds several positions including that of Circulation Manager, Company Secretary and Head of the Management Information Systems Department (MIS) and takes home a super salary of more than $500,000 per month when a normal worker takes home a mere $25,000, to $30,000 monthly.
This official is cutting every little incentive from workers to fulfill his greedy needs. He is raping the company, and the financial future looks very bleak since he began working there a few years ago.
The company pays the man’s home bills, fills the tank of his vehicles with gas.
Then there is another official who is considered a drunk, Mr. Casanova, who only employs females who can be manipulated.
They even receive promotions and other perks as it relates to the job.
The few hard working employees are discriminated against once they do not sing along to this tune.
The freelancers are better treated than the permanent employees; they get transportation to go home every day and utilize the company’s facilities to the best while on staff reporters have to contend with whatever they get.
One female freelancer reporter uses the company vehicle to do most of her errands like purchasing gas and bread and such like and is being transported home every evening while some reporters, who live more than 14 miles out of town, take two minibuses to get to and from work, have to hit the road and await public transportation even at night.
The two union representatives were both converted over to management and now there is no CCWU representation for employees.
Sometimes employees wonder if the Union still exists because they are oblivious to the happenings and ill treatment of workers at GNNL although monthly dues are deducted.
The Editorial Department does not have proper, updated computers and the GM, who is not computer literate, took home the laptop which was gifted to reporters during a visit by the Chinese Ambassador to Guyana. It was to be used while reporters are out of town to file their stories. The reporters never saw it again.
If I were to write of the ills of the GNNL and the hardship faced by employees it would become a book but please publish this letter for us to get some sort of relief from this situation because our jobs at GNNL are our bread because  we all have family members, who are dependent on us.

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