Guyanese lawyers representing Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Asif

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The Pakistani fast bowler Mohammed Asif is now being represented by two Guyanese lawyers

Ravi Sukul

practicing in London England.
The cricketer was convicted with Salman Butt and Mohammed Amir by a London court of the charges of conspiracy to cheat and accepting corrupt payments during the England Pakistan 4th Test match at Lords Cricket Ground in August last year.
Barrister Ravi Sukul of Balham Chambersand and Savita Sukul of SJS Solicitors are the lawyers presently providing legal representation to Mohammed Asif, who is serving a twelve months prison sentence. The pair are handling Asif’s appeal and his immigration case.
Ravi Sukul was called to the UK Bar in 1988 and has been in serving uninterrupted to date.
He was called to the Guyana Bar in 1988 as well. Savita Sukul has been in practicing since 1999. Both have had successful careers in the UK.
In one famous outing, Ravi Sukul was involved as the defence lawyer for Douglas Johnson, 27, and David Austin, 41, both of south London in their murder trial for the killing Charles Butler in Dagenham, east London, in 2004.
Four witnesses had given evidence under false names and from behind screens during the two-month trial of the two men, who had denied the murder.  The £6m murder trial was halted at the Old Bailey following a Law Lords ruling on witnesses giving evidence anonymously. The Law Lords ruled that defendants had a right to know the identity of those testifying against them.
Sukul, a defence lawyer in the case, welcomed the judge’s decision, saying that anonymity had created “a serious disadvantage” for defendants.  “They were never in a position to investigate the character of those witnesses to establish, for example, whether they are credible witnesses, whether their evidence ought to be believed,” he said in a BBC story.  “The bottom line is, in my opinion that fairness has prevailed.”
The Sukuls are part of the SJS Solicitors firm and offer a wide array of services including Ancillary Relief, Asylum, Civil Litigation, Conveyancing, Custody and Contact, Divorce, Employment Law, Family Law, Immigration, Judicial Review, Nationality, Probate, Trust and Wills.  Contact and details on their services of the Sukuls can be had on the website

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