Net Rockers/UDFA U15 League ends today despite financial challenges

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Despite financial challenges, the Net Rockers Football Club will today bring the curtains down on what has been described as an exciting Under-15 League, the competition being run in conjunction with the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA).
Initially, a senior official of the UDFA had given a commitment that a sponsor had been secured to take care of the tournament, the sponsor’s name was even mentioned at the start of the tournament, but subsequently, the organizing club was approached by an employee of the entity informing them that they had not sponsored the competition.
Despite a clear case of being misled by the Senior Executive of the UDFA, according to the Net Rockers FC, the tournament continued and the club is very excited with the level of talent unearthed as a result of the competition.
Net Rockers FC President revealed in an email that the UDFA Executive had approached his club to collaborate on the Under-15 initiative given the track record of his club in bringing off successful tournaments of this nature.
The UDFA Executive who would have been otherwise taken up did commit that sponsorship was already secured but that turned out to be to the contrary.
Despite this challenge, the tournament continued and will come to an end today at the Wisburg Ground.
Host team, Net Rockers FC and Eagles United sits at the top of the points standing with 12 points each, Net Rockers convincingly winning all three of their games against Milerock, Amelia’s Ward and Winners Connection.
Eagles United on the other hand managed a win against Milerock and was awarded two free games after winning a protest against Winners Connection – found guilty of playing with overage players and Amelia’s Ward who failed to show up for their match.
Milerock has exhibited great character being made up of players way below the cut off age, they are sitting third in the standings with 5 points made up of two (2) from the march pass and 3 from a game that was awarded to them after Winners Connection debacle. Next is Amelia’s Ward on 3 points.
Today’s games will feature Amelia’s Ward against Milerock while the two powerhouses will clash in the final match of the tournament which will also be the deciding game from 16:00hrs. Eagles United will surely have to prove their worth against Net Rockers’ air tight defence which has been described as the ‘Twin Tower’ led by Troy ‘Bad Boy’ Lewis Jr. who was one of six players attending the Digicel Kick Start Clinics held in Suriname a few weeks ago.
Also in the fray for Net Rockers are the tactical Mark McLean along with two exciting outside midfield players, left footed Shane Lucky and Godwin Mitchell. Eagles United will look to Donavon Francis, Docuan Hercules and Captain Kelon Primo to see them through.

Clubs                                    March Pass Points    P    W    L    D    Points
Net Rockers                             3                                3    3     0    0       12
Eagles United                          3                                3    3    0    0        12
Milerock                                   2                                 3    1    2    0          5
Amelia’s Ward                        2                                 3    0    2    1          3
Winners Connection            1                                 4    0    3    1          2

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