Dem boys seh…Bar Rat like Nicodemus

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Nicodemus was a thief who came by night. Bar Rat bring in a Chinese company like Nicodemus fuh do wuk pun de airport. Nobody didn’t know. De man done arrange money fuh de project, done arrange de contractor and he done decide when de project gun done.
But de people in this country never hear a word. Is Jamaica mek de people know and even then Bar Rat get vex. He tell dem Chinese that dem shouldn’t seh nutten. And de only way dem boys know this is when dem call Jamaica fuh get a photo. De PRO tell dem that de Chinee tell she how she talk too much and that Guyana vex.
Now dem boys want fuh know how Bar Rat can tek de people money, spend it and don’t tell dem nutten. When anybody else do that is straight to jail dem does go. It call larceny by clerk or servant. But Bar Rat above de law.
Is thing like this does mek dem boys believe that he does thief. Is only thieves does do things squeak-easy. Guyanese woulda see dem Chinee coming in and think that dem come fuh wuk at New Thriving or in some cook shop.
But dem same people already get de wuk permit from Henry de Yellow who tek over de wuk from de PS at Home Affairs.
But de secrecy ain’t done deh. People coming fuh start up de Marriott. When de Grenada people talk, Bar Rat get vex wid dem. Up to now he can’t tell people who doing de wuk and Brassy, like a Judas, hiding.
Dem boys believe that wha really happening is that some people thief a lot of money and dem now investing it because it ain’t got value sitting in a bank. And it nuff that even if dem lose that dem still got a fat cushion.
Talk half.

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