My house is not a gift from the PPP/C

November 17, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 


Dear Editor,
I have noted with some concerns the PPP/C’s advertisement in the newspapers recently which highlights its achievement in the field of housing development.
The advertisement carries photographs of several newly constructed houses, portraying the party’s massive housing initiative throughout the country.
But what concerns me is the fact that they have used a photograph of my house.
Maybe I am wrong but I believe that persons who know my house will get the impression that I might have benefitted from some form of benevolence from the ruling party. This is certainly not the case.
I, as a citizen of Guyana, earned my house lot and as an enterprising Guyanese secured a loan without any strings attached to build my home.
I resent the fact that the PPP/C is using photographs of any house to push its agenda to score political points on the campaign trail.
Instead of using my house they could have used those belonging to Kwame McCoy in Diamond and all the other cronies who have built mansions.
Start with Pradoville One or Two.

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