Man disappears off Demerara Harbour Bridge

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An intense search has been launched for a 63-year-old hire car driver who disappeared off the Demerara

Missing: Mohan Singh

Harbour Bridge on Tuesday night.
Mohan Singh, of 26 Da Silva Street, Meadow Bank, was returning from a funeral on West Coast Demerara and exited the car he was travelling in to relieve himself during a traffic build up on the bridge.
Except for a few reported sightings by travelers on the bridge, that was the last time he was accounted for.
His son, Rajkumar Singh, told Kaieteur News last night that the hire car driver had a few drinks after the funeral and had hitched a ride home in a friend’s car.
The younger Singh said that his father has a weak bladder and would normally encounter difficulty whenever nature calls.
On Tuesday night he encountered such a situation and emerged from the car which was stuck in the traffic build up to rectify it.
But he moved off at the first sign of an ease in the traffic, without the elderly hire car driver.
“The driver of the car said that my father jump out the car unknown to him and he could not wait for him because he did not want to hold up the traffic,” Rajkumar Singh told this newspaper.
He said that when his father did not return home that night he launched a search for him the whole of yesterday.
He checked with the personnel at the Demerara Harbour Bridge and learnt that persons had reported seeing an intoxicated man walking east along the bridge.
“But the bridge people say that he did not walk off the East Bank Demerara side or the West Bank side,” Singh explained.
He is desperately hoping that his father did not fall off the bridge.
According to Singh, checks were made at all the hospitals as well as police stations, but there has been no trace of the taxi driver who operates the short drop route in the La Penitence area.
“The only hospital I did not check was the Davis Memorial Hospital. I just hope that someone picked him up (from the bridge) and he is safe.”
Singh said that there are plans to check the surveillance cameras at the Demerara Harbour Bridge with the hope of obtaining some clue to what happened to  Mohan Singh.

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