Dem boys seh…Felix giving Bar Rat headache again

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Imagine is a crime fuh support a political party. Well de Lunch Man seh that is not really a crime but is not a good thing. He seh that if you just done wuk wid de government is not a nice thing to go and join some opposition political party.
Winston Felix and Eddie Collins join APNU and dem deh pun de slate. De Lunch Man tell dem reporters that is not a nice thing and that de government worried.
Dem boys seh that de government never like dem, how Bar Rat tek a long time to appoint Felix as commissioner and he didn’t happy wid Collins as Chief of Staff.
Everybody does get promote from Brigadier to Major General—not Collins– because Bar Rat didn’t like he. Felix didn’t get any extension because Bar Rat didn’t like he. Every commissioner since Laurie Lewis get extension—but not Felix.
Dem boys seh that dem gun call Ten Edghill from de ERC fuh open a commission of inquiry into why dem two men didn’t get good treatment. Then he gun file he report. But while he investigating de two men got to lef APNU.
But dem boys seh that de real reason is that dem two men gun pull all de army and police vote.
But all that coulda been avoided. Bar Rat coulda offer dem a job like how he offer King Floyd. He didn’t do that.
De government ain’t happy wid Granger, too. He was a soldier. But again, Bar Rat didn’t give he wuk like how he give Gajraj. And he didn’t give Paul Slowe wuk but he out of de country wukking fuh more money. Dem boys seh that if he been here he woulda deh pun APNU slate too.
Talk half and wait fuh de rest.

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