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– Nagamootoo  tells West Berbice rally

By Leon Suseran

Thousands turned up at the Alliance for Change (AFC) Rally at Bath, West Coast Berbice on Saturday to listen to the messages of ‘change’ by several party members.
New party member Moses Nagamootoo, in a fiery speech to the crowd, spoke about various issues including wastage of money and corruption. He accused the government of breaking its promises to the sugar workers.
“Because apart from breaking promises, they have committed crimes against you, when the hardworking sugar workers—look at their feet—look at them all black in the afternoon, their feet are all tired and split in the toes, walking in the stumps, sliding in the banks…and then they come home and want a decent wage and Jagdeo said not a cent more! And this ‘neemakaraam’ told them ‘Not a cent more!’
He told the crowd that Jagdeo wants “to behead” the sugar workers by derecognizing the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union.
He told the gathering that the party rigged the internal elections for a presidential candidate. “So when they come and tell you there was an election and Moses Nagamootoo was defeated, you tell them that he was cheated, never defeated!”
Nagamootoo, in relation to the recent release of former Presidents’ salaries, said that President Janet Jagan was receiving pension in 2009 and “was entitled to certain privileges”. “I want that bald – headed liar to say how many maids Janet had as a former president; how many duty free vehicles she bought; this honorable woman who died—our mother who died in 2009—when the same month Jagdeo decided to bring this new pension plan and named it the President’s Pension Plan, which is PPP, this obscene thing that I said, rattled my soul! I want him to tell the people, as he is lying now on Janet Jagan, how many guards they give Janet; how many cars they give her, how many trips did she enjoy abroad; how many vacations she went on before she died, and that man will have to admit to you, — the only reason he was using Janet Jagan in today’s newspaper, was to justify him taking $3B a month in pension.”
He said that was only one aspect of the problem. “This fellow had little time to deal with the affairs of Guyana. He was taking the taxpayers’ monies, that should have gone to sugar workers and pensioners…he travelled more than Bill Clinton, more than Obama…combined…all over this world this man travelling. And he was hustling to buy degrees, bribing people to give him degrees. In India, they gave him a Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Literature. This man never wrote a line in his life. I used to write his speech to him. He used to fly me to write his speech—special aircraft to write his speech. And they gave him Doctors of Letters and Literature!”
Nagamootoo said the government “was about him and his friends; giving away the prime lands to his friends, giving away the resources of the State to his friends, giving away contracts to his friends!”
He said “we are not allowing them to go away with the people’s money!”
Then he mentioned the large number of advisors President Jagdeo has.
“If this man has so much brains….he has been spending the people’s money – this brilliant man—he got more advisors than the Pentagon, than Barack Obama in the US”.
Nagamootoo named Odinga Lumumba “of the Dolphin fame”. He said that he is advising Jagdeo on Empowerment. “He gone and appoint a man who used to beat us up on the street to advise him how to use that power. Look who he is taking advice from!”
He mentioned Gail Texieira, Feroze Mohammed who are advising the president on security, Reepu Daman Persaud advising him on spiritual matters; then Laurie Lewis and Donald Ramotar and the salaries that they receive on a monthly basis.
Nagamootoo said that Ramotar was never appointed as a Minister under Cheddie or Janet Jagan or even Jagdeo himself, “and then Jagdeo decided that this was the man to be the next president; he got foresight, efficiency, experience—catahar!! What experience he got? Except being in the Duck Farm—the Robb Street Gang- turned that Freedom House into a Duck Farm—all of them quacking, quacking!”
“So how does he (Ramotar) know he can run against these thoroughbred horses Ramjattan and Trotman? He has not been tried and tested”.

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