Millions lost as fire guts Mon Repos business

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– seven homeless  

Seven persons are now homeless and contemplating their next move after fire gutted their home and destroyed their business.
According to reports, at around 11:00 hours yesterday fire struck at Lot 666 Block 8, Mon Repos.
Home owner Parbattie Balkarran said she has been living in the two storey house with her husband and their five children for close to five years. The woman said a section of the bottom flat was used to house the family’s grocery shop.

The distraught businesswoman and homeowner, Parbattie Balkarran.

When this publication arrived on the scene the woman was seeking shelter with her children over at a neighbour.
The distraught woman said herself and children were in the top flat all morning watching television and after coming downstairs, she was alerted that there was fire in the top flat.  Balkarran said it was neighbours who alerted her that the top of the building was on fire. The woman related that she immediately called for her children and took them to a neighbour’s house for safety. By that time she called the Guyana Fire Service as residents in the area tried their best to save her home from being destroyed with buckets of water.
“Dem boy from the area start helping take things out the house and things from the shop,” she related.
Some household articles which were pulled from the burning building were also in the neighbour’s yard. These included a dinning set, a sofa suit, a refridgerator and a television set. Also several items from the shop were saved. Mrs. Balkarran said that while she is thankful that no one was injured during the ordeal, the incident is very devastating for her entire family.
“This is Christmas time, where will we go. We lost everything. My big daughter preparing to write CXC and all her text books gone, all we run out with is the clothes on we back,” the woman said in between sobs.
She added that all of her family’s important documents have been destroyed as well as some cash and jewellery.
The woman said she is baffled as to what may have started the fire, since when she went to the bottom flat of the building she had ensured that everything was unplugged. She noted that the house never had any electrical problems.
Meanwhile, for the second time in a week residents of the East Coast of Demerara took the opportunity to express their concern over the time in which fire fighters responded to fires along the Coast. Many expressed the view that the building and the business could have been saved to some extent if the fire tenders had arrived a little sooner.
On Friday last, another home on the East Coast of Demerara was completely destroyed by fire. As a result of that fire, which occurred at Good Hope, three persons were left homeless.

The building which was destroyed by fire yesterday.

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