Dem boys seh…People want back Bar Rat wedding gifts

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When people getting married dem does prepare a guest list. That is because dem want things to start up dem house. When Bar Rat announce that he was getting married nuff of dem people who get invitation buy gift.
Now that he seh that he never married dem people want back dem gift. De Waterfalls boss man buy some expensive gift and he want it back. Wha get he vex was that Bar Rat tek he gift and put it in a prominent place.
Uncle Adam send one too although he didn’t get invite. He gift was a li’l thing—a pack of condoms. He don’t care if he get it back. Nobody ain’t talking if dem give de fuss lady a gift. But if that is de case dem don’t want it back.
Dem boys seh dat Bar Rat tek all de gift and ain’t give she none. As a matter of fact he tek all ah she own and share dem with de Bees.
Life funny though, when dem boys talk bout de Bees, a man who does ketch bees go to de Waterfalls paper and ask wheh de Bees deh. De man walk wid he spray. Is when dem boys identify de Bees to he, de man jaw drop. Right away he pack up he things and he seh that de Feds gat fuh deal wid dem kinda Bees.
And some people live in de past. After all this time Bar Rat decide that he gun tell Kwame fuh publish some photos of de Waterfalls Boss Man. Dem talk how de boss man get vex because de blog get de photos.
But was Bar Rat who get vex because de Waterfalls paper print a photo when Bar Rat get married. If you see love when he hold de same woman who he seh that he didn’t marry.
Dem boys ask de Boss Man wha he had to seh bout this set of photos and de man laugh. He tell dem that Bar Rat deh behind de times and in any case he, de boss man got chirren. Bar Rat, Kwame and nuff of dem Bees and Irfaat and some others ain’t got none.
Dem boys seh that de orphanages got some to lend dem.
Talk half. Lef half.

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