Condom distribution increased in 2010

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– over two-million distributed by NAPS

With more focus being placed on HIV/AIDS reduction throughout Guyana, the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) and the Ministry of Health has placed greater emphasis on condom distribution which has been a mainstay in preventing the transmission of HIV/STIs.
As part of the Universal Access approach, the condom distribution programme ensures that condoms are readily available to individuals who need them for free or at subsidized prices.
In 2010 NAPS continued to distribute condoms for free.
Kaieteur News understands that for the year 2010, a total of four million pieces of male condoms, 10,000 pieces of female condoms and 10,000 single use lubricants, were procured for the Materials Management Unit (MMU) of the Ministry of Health, which is the primary distributor of condoms and lubricants in the Public Sector.
A total of 2,676,032 pieces of condoms were distributed by NAPS in 2010, inclusive of 2,643,032 male condoms and 33,000 female condoms.
Distribution by NAPS has increased over the years with the greatest increase in 2008, then again in 2010, where NAPS also distributed 10,000 single use lubricants during last year.
A comparison for the period 2009-2010 showed approximately a four per cent increase from a total of 2,573,134 condoms distributed in 2009 to 2,676,032 condoms in 2010.
The largest proportion of male condoms from NAPS was in Region Four which accounted for 39.5 per cent or 1,043,684 pieces.
Three other coastal regions (Two, Three and Six) accounted for 52.1 per cent or 1,376,739 pieces of all male condoms distributed by the Secretariat in 2010.
Region Four which comprises 41.3 per cent of the total population, absorbed 31 per cent (1,379,272 pieces) and 38.5 per cent (168,630 pieces) of condoms distributed by the public and private sector respectively.
This evidently shows that condom distribution has played a significant role in achieving the reduction of HIV/AIDS cases since more persons are practicing safe sex.

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