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Dear Editor,
It is with a feeling of great disgust that I pen this letter in response to a photograph published in the Guyana Chronicle of Friday November 4, 2011.
Persons who live on the East Coast Demerara use public transportation to commute on a daily basis, travelling along the East Coast Demerara highway and the Railway Embankment.
On the evening of November 3, 2011 the PPP/C was holding a public meeting on the Railway Embankment in the village of Buxton. As usual, buses and other vehicular traffic continued to use this roadway.
Much to my surprise the Guyana Chronicle of Friday November 4, 2011 carried a photograph of a passenger bus with the caption, ‘APNU supporters were transported in this bus to disrupt PPP/C meeting in Buxton last night.’
I can say without fear of contradiction that this statement is a lie.
The bus in that picture was filled with persons, adults and children, who were returning home after a day at work/school. Adding insult to injury the photograph, compliments of Adrian Narine, was quite clear and persons could be easily identified.
Imagine the embarrassment this will cause to those persons identifiable in the photograph. This is bad reporting and borders on being scandalous. It leaves me to question the quality of reporting coming from the state owned media and the credibility of the persons behind the stories.
My sister was one of the passengers in the bus that day and her photograph was recognizable. As a result, she had some embarrassing situations since the publication. This has caused her much discomfort since her job requires that she interacts with children and their parents on a daily basis.
A total retraction is hereby requested.
I am aware that political parties and their supporters will do all they can to win votes at the upcoming General and Regional Elections, but media personnel must be accurate in their reporting so that persons who are in the “wrong place at the wrong time” are not made to suffer.
Think of this scenario. A child says to an adult whom he/she respects, “So you were on your way to disrupt the meeting. Shame on you!”
Shame on the photographer/reporter for this type of journalism.
Concerned Citizen
Paradise Housing Scheme

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