Was Buxton an attempt by the PPP to incite a violent response for political gain?

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Dear Editor,
I know that any party has a right to hold a political meeting anywhere in Guyana but the PPP’s Buxton meeting raises some serious questions. I believe that the PPP’s decision to hold a meeting in the hotbed that is Buxton in 2011 was a decision in which the PPP sought a desired outcome.
The PPP wanted some form of aggression and violence out of Buxton in order to scapegoat Buxton and to use it for nefarious political gain.
The PPP knew that given Buxton’s history, the presence of unrestrained elements there, its propensity for violence, its uneasy history with the PPP under Jagdeo and the fact that it was a PNC stronghold and the presence of some such as Joe Hamilton and Odinga Lumumba who are seen by elements in Buxton as turncoats, there was a serious likelihood of some kind of resistance and some violent behaviour by some elements to the PPP’s presence there. The PPP which never held a major political meeting in Buxton held one in 2011 for exactly that reason.
Further, the PPP has nothing to gain in Buxton. The PPP knows that it could never win more than a few dozen votes in Buxton. Buxton has no value to the PPP. In a massive country with thousands of districts, with PPP strongholds slipping away and in need of visiting, with a mere month to go in the closest election the PPP has been in, the PPP cannot fool me by claiming it was chasing votes in Buxton.
The Buxton meeting was planned to generate an outcome, specifically a violent outcome. The PPP was seeking a result. It expected and wanted Buxton to behave in a violent manner to claim victimhood, seek pity and most importantly, to use the experience to continue its fear-based campaign of trying to trap its slipping supporters consisting primarily of Indians with imagery of fear and violence.
Even if it didn’t get the result it wanted from Buxton it had the propaganda mill ready to wail. This explains the immediacy with which the PPP’s propaganda machinery came out claiming widespread violence against PPP supporters at Buxton despite clear evidence of heckling, somewhat clear evidence of isolated scuffles and no clear evidence of widespread violence.
The police are yet to receive a report of an assault. If there is widespread and persistent violence against your supporters, any political party would pack up and leave for the safety of its supporters there.
The PPP’s meeting continued to its end. But Guyana’s own Baghdad Bob in Robert Persaud went on the rampage despite hard proof lacking. The PPP videotapes its events extensively and Bob is always ready to produce videotape evidence but he has delivered none when it comes to Buxton.
I maintain,the message for Buxton was already prepared. The intent was to spin events at Buxton maliciously, regardless of what really happened there.
The intent was to use Buxton as a catalyst for a savage, dangerous and sickening strategy of trying to drive fear into PPP supporters and primarily Indians. I knew the PPP always relied on fear to trap its voting support but this has to be one of the nastiest acts ever committed by the PPP to assault and hoodwink the psyche of its mainly Indian supporters.
I get the feeling from all of this that the PPP used this Buxton meeting to try to make itself a victim. The message coming out from the PPP camp supported that belief. The other factor that makes me seriously believe Buxton was an attempt to encourage and incite violence and to wickedly claim excessive violence comes from looking at the PPP’s campaign in this election.
It is the vilest and most repulsive campaign ever run by a political party where dirty politics is a euphemism. The PPP has proven during this campaign that there is no place it will not crawl, and using Buxton for its fear-based campaign fits the bill. After all, this is the PPP that has been trying to resurrect the PNC for the past few months, which in itself is terrible enough for PPP supporters.
On that issue alone, PPP supporters have reason to kick this version of the PPP out. Which political party in its right mind tries to revive a political pariah that most of its supporters want dead and buried? That is the height of insult and taking its supporters for granted. PPP supporters already know the PNC through APNU cannot win the election.
Communal scapegoating for even more sinister political machinations is dangerous. The PPP will use this incident to try to fool its supporters and to try to drive its fear-based agenda. For the PPP is nothing without the PNC. The PPP is nothing without fear to trap the bulk of its supporters.
The PPP needs the bogeyman the PNC to try to scare the living daylights out of its supporters. The problem is that its supporters and Indians in particular don’t scare that easily anymore. This new generation, born and raised mostly under the PPP, knows the truth. They fear unemployment and staying alive in this criminal safe haven created by the PPP more than the tyranny of the past.
The tyranny of their present is no different from the tyranny of the past. In fact, what the PPP is doing is that it is giving young people reasons to think about their own PPP-endured past and present and how shallow and full of anguish it has been. On Buxton, every Guyanese knows what it is all about.
They know you don’t go into the lion’s den and not expect lions to be lions. You would hope that they don’t behave like lions but after all they are lions, not lambs. The PPP’s devious reasons for holding that meeting in Buxton will backfire. No matter how hard it tries, the PPP cannot resurrect fear among its supporters and among Indians.
As long as opposition parties remain calm during this election and don’t take the bait being thrown by the PPP, the PPP will see the frightening spectre of its coming downfall. People and more importantly PPP supporters are waking up to the frightening lengths this PPP administration is prepared to go to retain power and exactly how they see them.
M. Maxwell

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