Man shot twice at family barbeque

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– cops detain shop-owner

A family barbeque on Saturday night turned violent after one man was shot twice, allegedly by an irate shop owner.
Injured is Kenneth Bhagwandin, 40, of Lot 47 Church Street Stanleytown West Bank Demerara.
According to a police press release, the incident happened at around 01:30hrs at a beer garden at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara. It was further stated that two men were involved in an argument over the closure of the premises.

Injured: Kenneth Bhagwandin

The police stated that during the argument, Bhagwandin was shot twice; once to the abdomen and another to the hip.
He was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital for treatment. When Kaieteur News visited the injured man yesterday in the hospital, he was slipping in and out of consciousness.
He was receiving intravenous drips, and a tube was inserted into his abdomen to drain the unwanted fluids from his body.
His wife Mahadai Bhagwandin said she received the news of the shooting sometime after midnight.
According to the woman, her sister who rents the same ‘beer garden’ had a barbeque. Bhagwandin said she and her husband went across earlier in the day after her sister told her husband to ‘weed her yard’.
The wife further told Kaieteur News that she returned home but her husband stayed behind to help her sister.
The husband returned later Saturday afternoon and started preparing to go back to the barbeque.
“I start to argue and ask he why he gotta go back….because was just me alone been home, and I wasn’t feeling good” the wife told Kaieteur News.
Despite his wife’s warnings, the woman said her husband left for the barbeque, promising to come home early.
It was after midnight that one of her daughters called to say that her husband was shot.
“Me daughter call me and seh that Kenneth get shoot…uncle Sadan shoot he” the wife told Kaieteur News yesterday.
Meanwhile, one of the couple’s daughters, Raywattie, who witnessed the incident told Kaieteur News that the incident stemmed from her aunt’s husband getting into an argument with another man who was at the barbeque.
As the men continued arguing, the daughter said the shop owner came downstairs and told everyone to get out of his premises.
According to eyewitnesses, the shop owner who was identified as ‘Sadan’ pushed everyone out and closed the gate behind him. At this point one of the occupants objected to the treatment and the owner fired a shot in his direction.
Seconds later the owner fired four more shots, hitting Bhagwandin twice.
Up to press time Bhagwandin was still receiving treatment, while the alleged shooter was in police custody.

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