Diamond residents furious at garbage buildup, deplorable roads

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Residents of Diamond Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) are calling on the Ministry of Public Works and other Government authorities to compel delinquent contractors to rectify shabby infrastructural work that was done in the scheme, and to find out why no one is picking up their garbage.
Their grouse is about the condition of the roadways, particularly those that are so deplorable that vehicles traversing them end up needing repairs.
It was also related that most taxi drivers would refuse to carry passengers in these streets during the rainy periods.

One of the many deplorable roads in First Avenue, Diamond, E.B.D.

Residents who are aware of the fact that the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development had previously promised to deal condignly with contractors who did not meet the stipulations, are saying that it appears as if “that was only lip service and no action behind what was said.”
“The potholed roads pose major challenges for those who have their own vehicles, and for taxi drivers who charge residents extra for taking them into a badly damaged street, especially if it is raining,” one man said.
Adding that many recently-repaired streets were damaged weeks and in some cases days after works were carried out, residents said that it is a waste of time to file or lodge complaints to the Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) since nothing is done to address the complaints.
“There are many people living in this area who are owners of various classes of vehicle. It is a vexing matter when one has to drive here because of the deplorable state of the streets. Now that the rains have come you can imagine the agony drivers face in traversing these streets.
Another burning issue is that for the last four weeks there has been no garbage collection in the scheme. Residents have resorted to either burning their refuse or dumping the garbage on parapets.
“They say them stop collecting garbage.”
It was also pointed out that for such a large housing development, the entire Diamond Housing Scheme does not have any fire hydrants.
Despite repeated efforts, Kaieteur News was unable to contact officials from the Diamond NDC.

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