Dem boys seh…De Bees gun get five years

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Old people always seh that when things going bad wid you dem don’t have no better solution than fuh bathe in blue. Couple people got to bathe in blue because dem blight.  Odinga guh to Buxton wid a promise and he lef wid a frown because de people tek he money and still support dem other people.
This is not de only time he had problems. He had problem wid another man and dem fight in front of de Big Man.  But he is not de only one that got to bathe wid blue. Some of de Bees got to bathe in blue because some people threaten to investigate dem fuh all de things dem do and fuh all de assets dem have.
If things go against dem it gun be real trouble. De people who control de prisons already starting dress rehearsals. Dem preparing a cell wheh dem does put mad people. Is not nice because a mad man kill he cell mate and dem other prisoner had to kill he right in de jail.
Dem boys seh that de Bees get soft and dem wouldn’t last one day in jail. Dem had a good life, go to dinner in fancy places and enjoy demselves. In jail dem can’t go nowhere. De food is something else. Dem boys seh that de prison officers does get de best.
Of course, wid dem money, dem can buy anything or pay fuh anything inside. Dem gun get cell phone but nuff days dem gun cry because de people dem gun be enjoying life while dem gun have to sit down and watch four walls. De expensive suit dem buy, gun lef hang up in a wardrobe.
All this happen because dem boys hear when de APNU man tell a crowd how he hear some of dem want five more years. Dem boys seh that de APNU man promise dem de five years, in Camp Street. That is not a nice promise.
Talk half. Lef half.

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