APNU promises audit of every Govt. Agency, Ministry

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…‘the only five more years PPP/C deserves is in Camp St’

“We intend to find the money and we intend to bring it back to Guyana and put it where it belongs in the National Treasury.”


A Partnership for National Unity held its first rally for the election in Buxton on Saturday and several thousand persons turned up in the once troubled village to listen the APNU leaders speak.
The meeting got underway shortly after 18:00hrs on Saturday evening with the coalition’s Prime Ministerial Rupert Roopnarine, Presidential Candidate David Granger, Peoples National Congress Reform Leader Robert Corbin and Volda Lawrence being among the main speakers.
The APNU leaders promised that immediately following its ascension to office they will be conducting an audit of every Government Agency and Ministry in an effort to locate the country’s financial resources, which they say have been pilfered, and return this money to the nation’s coffers.
“We intend to find the money and we intend to bring it back to Guyana and put it where it belongs in the National Treasury,” Prime Ministerial Candidate Dr. Roopnarine said. He told supporters that the only other term that Peoples Progressive Party Civic would get would be a stint in the Camp Street Prison.
For this to be possible he said that there must be a revamp of the Judiciary to ensure that there isn’t one law for the rich and another for the poor.
Speaking directly to the public meeting held by the ruling party a few nights before, Granger pointed out that the ‘shameless’ administration sent a former Home Affairs Minister Gail Teixeira that was responsible for the armed forces during the occupation of Buxton where hundreds were criminalized and is now seeking to make an apology.
He said that Teixeira’s comments in relation to the role of the disciplined services during that time is an affront to the Buxtonians and her plea to forgive and forget is an ‘eyepass.”
Granger said that an APNU administration would also immediately launch an investigation into the past atrocities that have been persecuted on the village and its people.
“They think we forget,” said Granger adding that it was the same person asking to forget now that had ordered the armed forces to shoot to kill Buxtonians and bulldoze their farmlands among the other atrocities.
“We must not be bought or bullied” warned Granger as he urged the gathering to vote APUN come polling day.
Granger charged that the PPP/C has been responsible for the security and development of all Guyanese but failed miserably.
The retired Brigadier said that the PPP/C Presidential Candidate is right when it comes to records and that his presidency will only be a continuation of such a dismal record that is the PPP/C rule.

Granger delivers his inaugural rally speech

He warned that a Donald Ramotar Presidency will only mean a continuation of Bharrat Jagdeo’s conditions of which Guyanese of all walks of life are fed up with.
Granger warned that the PPP/C is committed to a criminalized state and will never investigate the narco-trafficking that is stifling the country, the Lindo Creek Murders or the Sash Sawh killings among other heinous crimes that were committed under their tenure.
“But I will want to know,” Granger said as he promised an investigation also into the spy-laptop that was procured for Roger Khan, allegedly with the help of Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy.
He did promise also that there is a place for all in APNU regardless of whichever party a person is affiliated to, adding that the “door is always open with the lights on.”
Prime Ministerial Candidate Dr Rupert Roopnarine pointed out a historical setting for the November 28 polling day saying that 106 years ago to  date was Guyana first multi-racial revolt.
He said that it was on November 28 in 1905 when the famous riots of that period started and it was a multi ethnic struggle for change in Guyana and urged that come November 28, Guyanese vote with revolt in their hearts and in the same vein form a multi ethnic revolt once again.
Turning his attention to the political rivals firstly that of Sam Hinds, he said that the man that has been Prime Minister in Guyana for such a long time is tired and the PPP/C has again put that yolk on his back.
“Sam is very weary and he wants to go and play with his grandchildren,” said Dr Roopnarine.
Speaking of the PPP/C Presidential Candidate, Dr Roopnarine said that it is an affront for Guyanese people to have the likes of Donald Ramotar who has been passed over for any governmental or Cabinet position for the past 19 years to be foisted on Guyanese.
He stressed that this was the epitome of what is called automatic promotion and that “Donald is un-electable.”
“We had enough of Jagdeo…no more continuation of Jagdeo,” Dr Roopnarine said as he urged those gathered to not vote in favour of Ramotar as this is what he represents.
Dr Roopnarine also drew reference to an article which states that the Vice Chancellor is reportedly looking to call it quits as a result of political pressure to dismiss several lecturers at the University of Guyana.
He said that APNU is fully in support of the lecturers of the University of Guyana, especially Freddie Kissoon, who has been attracting severe flack from the administration over the years.
He urged the supporters to come polling day, “strike a blow again and send Jagdeo and his pack packing.”

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