‘Lady Jaguars’ get past Dominican Republic 2-1 to top Group D

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Guyana’s ‘Lady Jaguars’ Justine Rodrigues, free kick on the 90th minute of the crucial game against Dominican Republic closed the curtains on this round with the Lady Jags clawing their opponents 2-1 to top the group in the Powerade sponsored Caribbean Football Union CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Qualifiers at the Uitvlugt Community Centre ground, yesterday afternoon.

Justine Prasad (left) and Justine Rodrigues

The double header match, which saw Guyana and Dominican Republic playing the final match, captured the residents of Uitvlugt attention as both pavilions in the centre were jammed with ‘Lady Jags’ supporters in their yellow t-shirts.
The energy emanating filled Jags like Duracell batteries as they pressed the attack against their opponents but missed the few created goal scoring opportunities in the first half of game against the Dominicans who played full defence as they hunted a draw.
Guyana’s goalkeeper, Derienne Busby did a tremendous job as she denied the Dominicans goal access in the first half of the crucial game, which saw both teams departing the field without goal at the interval.
Striking the first and only goal in the second half of the nail biting match in the Women’s U-20 Qualifier against the Lady Jags was Yqaueisi Soriano of the Dominican Republic. The goal which occurred on the 51st minute of game saw Soriano taking advantage of the situation as Guyana’s goalkeeper Busby stepped forward to make a save.
After realizing that her effort was untimely, Soriano then kicked the ball with her right foot to the side of the goal after it rebounded off her team mate to put the Dominican Republic in ascendency.
‘Match in our favour’ was probably in the minds of the Dominicans as they continued to play in defensive mood against the Jaguars, but it is a tradition of jaguars to always continue the hunt for their prey (Dominican Republic) once on the prowl.
The ‘Lady Jaguars’ first goal was cataloged in the 62nd minute against their prey (Dominican Republic) to equalize the critical match, the goal was registered with a clean pass from one of the Jaguars to Elysia Prasad, who like a dangerous predator, slammed the ball beyond the reach of Isairis Ramos. Score Guyana 1 Dominican Republic 1.
A significant effort was made by Sara Vaughn (U-17 Lady Jags member) as she attempted to score the second goal for Guyana after volleying the ball from 16 yards out which landed into the goalkeeper’s hands.
The decisive goal, which shattered and left the Dominican girls in tears, came from a free kick after a double attack from the visitors on Otesha Charles resulted in a foul.  Justine Rodrigues powerful right foot shot from just outside the 18-yards box, rose high, curled and dipped away from the goalkeeper to close the curtains on the proceedings in the 90th minute of the crucial game against Dominican Republic.
“It was the most amazing feeling I have had since playing this game…I cried after the goal I scored the final goal,” Rodrigues related to Kaieteur Sport after the game.
“The game was good, I taught we could have executed a bit better with maneuvering the ball across the field, however I was confident as I knew we would have dominated the Group…we keep on boosting up after the first goal was registered by Dominican Republic and eventually got our key which was the equalizer,” she added.
Rodrigues also encouraged younger females in Guyana to participate in the sport of football during the invited comment, “…if you are going to play, you should play with your heart, do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do it…I was once told that in my life and I have proved to those individuals that I can do it…just play with your hearts!”
The head coach of the Lady Jags, Christopher Brown notified that the Lady Jags fitness will be an issue to address in their upcoming training sessions, “This being the third game in six days diminished the quality of our play and also for the other team…but at the end of the day we are pleased with the courage that the girls showed. The comeback with the equalizer and the win in that fashion showed a lot with the girls hearts and courage, from that stand point it shows that our staff cannot be more pleased but from a stand point on the level of fitness it shows that the team has a lot of work to do on their fitness,” he told Kaieteur Sport.
Meanwhile, Anguilla overcame Antigua and Barbuda by 1-0 in the first match of the day which began at 1PM.
The first half of the game, which would have decided which team would have attained the third spot in the CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Qualifiers, saw both teams playing in full defence.
The game concluded when Briana Whyte registered the first and only goal on the 69th minute against Antigua and Barbuda. Whyte’s goal was made when she kicked a right foot shot in the six yards box and Antigua and Barbuda’s goalkeeper, Delka Alfred attempt to stop the ball was unsuccessful.

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