Sex for driver’s licence

November 4, 2011 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor
It is with a sense of utter disgust that I am writing this letter with the sole purpose of drawing your attention to the endless harassment that the citizens of Essequibo, particularly females, are being subjected to by the Licencing Officer at the Anna Regina Police Station.
I know of at least four cases where this officer has made advances of a sexual nature to young women who are applying for their driver’s licences. He has even been bold enough to tell one young woman “You’ll get your licence as soon as you sleep with me” – after the said young lady had already completed all the necessary requirements for a licence.
These four ladies were brave enough to share their stories but I am sure there are countless others who have kept silent because of fear of discrimination.
Added to this, one young man has been spending money every week applying for one-day insurance passes to do his practical exams – the last stage for him to receive his driver’s licence– only to be told a flimsy excuse week after week despite making all the necessary appointments.
I am fully aware that this is a very serious allegation that is being made against the Licencing Officer as such I will be copying this letter to the Commander of the ‘G’ Division as well as to the Police Complaints Authority. This officer of the law, and I use that term loosely, is abusing the authority that has been granted to him and I think he should be removed from office while an investigation into this matter is done.
Please note that the persons who have come forward and have shared their stories are also willing to share with the relevant authorities’ provided that this story will not be swept under the rug and they will not be victimised or discriminated against.
Concerned Citizen

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