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Dear Editor,
Which of the three main contesting parties, PPP/C, APNU and AFC in the upcoming National and Regional elections has the bulk of support is a matter of speculation in these days of plenty crossing over or ship jumping. Ship jumping is risky if you cannot swim without a life jacket.
The point I wish to emphasize is that the party which will be supported by a juvenile electorate overwhelmingly on polling day could be the party which could hold the broom (majority) that could sweep the polls or the Presidency either narrowly and moderately.
But a landslide is unlikely in this highly competitive election where a change is the major goal, be it of governance or of the government.
The hopeful who continue to exude confidence in winning, should inculcate or imbed in the depths of their minds, the words of the late Sir Winston Churchill.
“There is no finer investment in any community than putting milk into babies”. Otherwise put, they should nurture and protect our youths, some of whomhave been brutalized and abused over the years.
A few cases have been dealt with while others have been thrown out. It is significant to remember that our greatest natural resource is that of our youths.
Dominantly on behalf of the youths I wish to close by emphasising that the bulk of the juvenile electorate could be a primary and integral part on the decision factor.
Relative to the PPP/C, APNU or AFC, being triumphant at the polls by marking an X for one of these three political heavyweight parties,  put in their grasp, the majority or the broom that could sweep the polls to effect sweeping change in Guyanese at long last.
George Carrington

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