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Dear Friend,
I am proud of my dad, Moses Nagamootoo for his continuous dedication to serve the people of Guyana. We grew up acknowledging that our dad always saw Guyana and the interest and needs of its people before himself, and we all struggled along with him for his beloved country.
He was never preoccupied with power or position and always said he would support any leader or party that was lean and clean and lived by the values and morals of his late leader Jagan, who fought for a country that is all inclusive where all Guyanese can live in peace and harmony.
He always dreamt of a day when Guyana could be united and was always fair minded and sympathetic to all Guyanese. We are all aware that this is the most heart-wrenching decision for our dad that he has to leave his home that he helped to build and where he fought for the people’s rights and freedom and to carry on the legacy of his great leader – Dr Jagan.
However the party and home that he grew up with is not the same PPP it was, and he was deliberately locked out of the decision-making process to help secure a Guyana for all its people. The party was hijacked by those who only care about their own self-interest.
The intention to lock him out of any key role could never be more evident when I recall my dad telling me that a Minister of the government stood up in Freedom House and said “if Moses become President all abey have to look fah wuk.”
We all witnessed the outrageous attempt to sideline him from making a significant contribution to Guyana when he was not offered any key position, but yet a major Ministry was hand delivered to someone of little experience.
We pleaded with our dad to leave the PPP years ago, but he insisted on supporting them in the last election and hoped that he could make a positive change within his home, but once again he was locked out and was offered a job as the ambassador to Ottawa – they want him far away from them.
If my dad cannot make changes within the so-called PPP for the people of Guyana, then by all means he should do it somewhere else that would give him an opportunity to make positive change. So I am proud that my dad “jumped ship” so he can live to help save and restore Guyana and not be stifled by the corruption, injustice.
If my dad can depart his beloved home for the sake of Guyana, so can all Guyanese. Guyana belongs to all its people and we should be all united for one common good. Let us unite together and rid Guyana of corruption and injustice.
I thank my dad for being a strong role model for all Guyanese and never compromising his integrity and respect for greed.
Maria Nagamootoo

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