Misinformation will abound

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Dear Editor,
As we draw closer to Election Day the PPP/C will increase its fear mongering.
We will be told that the military, under any government but theirs, will arm bandits to attack us.
We will be told that the Bartica massacre represents only a microcosm of the carnage that will occur under a government that is not headed by Ramotar.
We will be told that our opposition members, people whom we know to be stellar civil servants and persons of good repute, are affiliated to local gangs and drug running cartels.
We will be dazzled by the promise of jobs for the vast number of the unemployed and caressed by the prospect of at home job opportunities for mothers.
We will be inundated with false macroeconomic data. They will say that inflation is contained at 4.5%, external reserves increased to US$780m, and that external debt has reduced from 72% of GDP to 47%.
We will hear that the passage of the Credit Bureau Act means that loans will be made to ordinary Guyanese so that business opportunities are available to all of our regardless of our race and financial standing.
And the same old line will be fed to us – they are in the process of modernizing the cane industry to better accommodate mechanization and that they are working on reconfiguring the sugar packing plant.
We cannot be fooled at this critical hour in our nation’s history.  We have to ask very pointed questions.
Why is the rate of unemployment so high if there is such a significant reduction in external debt?
Why is there such a high unemployment rate amongst a certain demographic in our society which happens to be the demographic that does not have an incumbent party card?
Why do we still have blackouts if there was a government structured programme to improve the distribution of electricity throughout Guyana, inclusive of additional generation capacity?
Why are we now hearing of an acquisition of external resources for low income housing and why is the road from Georgetown to the airport still a work in progress?
And on top of all those very simple questions, why is the installation of fiber optic cable between Guyana and Brazil to facilitate E-government a focus, if it has not provided massive jobs for Guyanese?
We cannot be fooled. We cannot be bamboozled by this sudden appearance of progress by this government that has strangled the growth of our nation for the past 19 years.
All we have to do is look around us and see who possess the wealth, who get jobs because they are of a specific persuasion and to whom the loans are made.
Then, when we are done, let’s look at our schools and which districts seem to get the better part of our tax dollars.
We have to call a spade a spade. The current government has underperformed and over ruled for the past nineteen years. They have underserved and over taxed for the past nineteen years. They have diluted the rich culture of our nation.
We have had enough. We have to take a stand now. We have the power in our hands. Only we can use it.
Let’s Do This

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