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President of Alpha United, Guyana’s top club side, Odinga Lumumba speaking at the Water Chris International Hotel, Waterloo Street yesterday has sought to update the media on the complications related to the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) which is affecting Alpha United.
Arising out of the interview was the obligation of the GFF which were not kept as it relates to the hosting of the Super League which was financed by FIFA.
According to Lumumba, the inactiveness of his Club has cost him millions of dollars since the players are unable to play.
“We have about four players on the National team (Golden Jaguars) and there’s an impasse between the GFF and the GFA. For this year the GFF has not kept its obligation to hold the Super League which is financed by FIFA…our team has been training and our players have been receiving a stipend and it is costing us millions of dollars for their inactivity. We have tried to stay out and also bring resolutions to the issues but it seems not to be going anywhere.”
Lumumba stated that he has also written the GFF last week and has not received any response from them in connection with the hosting of the Super League and also on whether or not the money will be returned to FIFA.
“When are you going to have the Super League, are you going to compensate us for not having the league, are you going to return the money to FIFA or are you going to get us another date…because if you are not going to play football please allow us to play football under the GFA,” were the words of Odinga Lumumba.
Lumumba declared that he knows that there’s a GFA tournament and understands that there’s a Court order that states that the GFF must not interfere with the GFA and with that he has decided to play in the tournament.
“We recognize that FIFA has its rules and regulations that says you must not go to Court and we have not gone to Court, it’s the GFA that has gone to Court but we fall within the boundaries in the GFA, so it’s either the GFF states by Sunday that if we don’t play football what will happen.”
He further added that it’s the GFF’s obligation to notify them on the status of the current situation, “…we are prepared to work with the GFF and FIFA but we are also prepared to work on the side of justice,” he said.
Lumumba concluded by saying that he met his team on Wednesday evening and has decided to play in the Georgetown Football Association tournament which has already started.
“The GFF has until Sunday morning to write us stating why we should not play and what do they have in place…we have made our decision and will still be respectful to the GFF and FIFA. I plan to write FIFA this afternoon {yesterday} outlining our problems and present situation and asking for their immediate intervention before noon on Sunday. Failing to hear from the GFF or FIFA, we will participate in the league.”
Lumumba also notified to this publication that it’s a contradiction to have suspended players playing on the national team. “It is bad to have the suspended players from the GFA team playing…if you suspended the team then you cannot use the players, I don’t understand how you can suspend the teams from the GFA and at the same time be using the players. This is a contradiction and they themselves (GFF) are breaking FIFA rules and regulations.”

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