Why are there NATO assaults in so many non-white countries?

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Dear Editor,
Gadaffi is dead. Some are happy, some are not. Why was Libya invaded in the first place? Why did the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) bomb Libya? Why is there a NATO assault in so many non-white, African, Muslim countries? History repeats itself time and time again. When we study history we see the behavior of the western powers towards people of colour. It goes back to Alexander the Great invading Egypt; Napoleon, Columbus, Walter Raleigh, Vasco de Gamma, Bartholomew de las Casas, Captain Cook and all the other exploiters.
When Columbus invaded and ruined the lives of the Natives of the Americas, the justification was that they needed civilization. Some civilization that! They were “civilized” until they were wiped out. When Africa was invaded and raided for slaves, the justification was that they were primates who need to be saved by the Christian Jesus. Some Christianity that! When Bush bombed Iraq, the justification was that he had “weapons of mass destruction”. So far, in 2011 not even a water gun of mass destruction has been found. When will we wake up and smell the ink on the policies of white supremacy and non-white inferiority?
The latest victim Muammar Gadaffi “Lion of Africa”, justification is that he was an evil dictator, murderer etc. The western media BBC, CNN, NBC and Hollywood plays a major role in shaping our minds against our eastern family. This was the second attempt to murder Gadaffi; the first was labeled as one of the most expensive assassination attempts ever. They show images, tell stories and make movies that always portray eastern people in a negative way. They have a field day showing poor African children. Just look at Haiti. Where is all that money they collected?
The media however, did not tell us about the casualties of the NATO bombings in Libya. They did not tell us about Gadaffi’s “Man made river project” that got water from the desert for Africans. They did not tell us about his vision for a United States of Africa or about Libya’s investment in African development over the years. I never saw a story about how the people of Libya benefit direct from the sale of their oil. There are no homeless in Libya and the literacy rate is over 80 percent. Libya also has one of the highest living standards in Africa. What is the crime rate in Libya? We should not take the word of the BBC. Read the works of Gerald A. Pereira, a Guyanese Journalist who lived and worked in Libya.
Finally, how is it that these western nations have the moral authority to judge the world? The crimes against humanity committed by American and Europe far outweigh anything Gadaffi could have done in his 40 years. Where are the International Criminal Court charges against the governments for their crimes against Africans during and after slavery? Where was the invasion into South Africa when blacks were suffering at the hands of whites? Let’s not forget the British and the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in India. Adolph Hitler is hated the world over for killing Jews but it seems the murderers of African, Indian and native peoples are not treated with the same contempt. Why?
Gadaffi told the Arabs in Libya that the country belongs to the black Africans who were there first. He also said: “The black race shall prevail throughout the world.”
Did you know that the United Nations was preparing to give Gadaffi a humanitarian award? Think about it.
 Montgomery A. Chester

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