Special grading exercise held as GKC scores a first

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The Guyana Karate College on Friday October 28 held special Kyu and Dan grading examinations for over sixty of its students under the review of the Chairman and Chief Instructor Shihan Frank Woon-a-Tai M.S., 9th Degree Black Belt of the newest World Shotokan Karate Organization, the International Karate Diagaku.
Students undertaking the examinations this year, were drawn from the GKC’s four dojos, those being the Marian Academy, the Timehri Community Centre, the Guyana Karate Shotokan Club-Girl Guides Building: Brickdam and the Malteenoes Sports Club.

rom Left – Joshua Mortley (2nd Degree Black Belt) Tyler Orderson (Youngest Black Belt) and Alliyah Wong (Youngest 2nd Degree Black Belt) take a photo op.

Youngest Blackbelt – Student of Marian Academy
Tyler Orderson, at just seven years old, became the youngest student from amongst all of the students across the world under the International Karate Diagaku world umbrella organization to earn a Shotokan Karate black belt.
He was a first kyu brown belt and was awarded the prestigious black belt after a stringent examination was carried out by Master Woon-a-Tai and team of examiners.
Tyler whose skills and concentration are considered to be amazing by his instructors, has within four months of taking up karate three years ago at the GKC, achieved his first belt – a yellow.
Thanks to one and a half hours daily practice he successfully acquired the next seven belts in just under three years, under the watchful eyes of 6th Dan Black Belt and Senior Instructor, Sensei Jeffrey Wong.
Tyler a student of Marian Academy and like the ‘Ultimate Karate Kid’ has been training since he was a tender age of four years old, and already knows to perform more than a dozen katas.
Also joining the esteemed black belt club as a consequence of being successful at their shodan examinations at this grading exercise, were Alyssa Persaud aged 11 years old, as well a student from Marian Academy, and Desmond Fernandes from St. John’s College.  Both Alyssa and Desmond are talented and committed students.
Additionally, of note were the promotions of Alliyah Wong and Joshua Mortley from Shodan (1st degree black belts) to Nidan (2nd degree black belts).
High kicking Alliyah who is only ten years old and extremely gifted, also achieved the distinction of being the youngest karateka from amongst all the countries globally governed by the International Karate Daigaku to be awarded the 2nd degree (nidan ranking). Both Alliyah and Josh put on a scintillating performance as they went through paces for grading.
International Karate Diagaku Cup
The Guyana Karate College now has its focus set on preparing its best students to be a part of ‘Team Guyana’ to participate in the first ‘International Diagaku Cup’ to be held in Toronto, Canada from July 03, 2012 under the auspices of the International Karate Diagaku, the newest world karate organization that was founded by Master Frank Woon-a-Tai and which has its membership from over 150 clubs worldwide and in excess of 20 countries.
This year for his outstanding work and achievements in karate both locally and internationally, Master Woon-a-Tai was recognized by being appointed to the Orders of Guyana being given the insignia of the Medal of Service.
New Dojo
The GKC has also set itself as a priority for the remainder of 2011, the commencement of phase two of the construction of its new headquarters and dojo at Liliendaal on land that has been donated by the President of Guyana, His Excellency, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo.  Already the college has completed its grading, land filling and foundation works as part of phase one and this new phase will see the erection of the steel frame and the completion of the exterior building, including the roof and walls.

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