Man killed while collecting friend from wake

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A young father of two died early yesterday morning at the West Demerara Regional Hospital while receiving

Dead 22 year-old Phillip Smith

treatment for injuries sustained after being involved in a vehicular smash up.
According to reports, 22-year-old Phillip Smith of 945 Westminster, West Bank Demerara, died at around 01:00 yesterday, following the smash up which occurred at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara. This publication was told, that just before the accident, Smith had stopped at a wake in Goed Fortuin to collect a friend.
An eyewitness to the accident, Syretta Persaud, said she was across the road from where the wake was being held.
“I was sitting on a car and my friends go over but a car pass full speed and I tell them me ain’t crossing this road because this place like it is a racing track”.
The woman added that before she could have completed her statement she saw another car speeding on the left hand side of the road with no lights on.
“I see this car pick up a boy from the wake and then he put on his light indicating that he was about to turn and all I see is a car blazing down the road with no lights on and I just hear blam.”
She added the impact of the crash sent the car in which Smith was, spinning out of control.
“I had to jump out of the way and the sad part was that I didn’t even know that it was my cousin and his friends were in the car that was turning around.”
She added that after both vehicles stopped she noticed Smith slumped across another male occupant and another man sitting in the back seat. In the other vehicle, she said she noticed a male driver and a female in the front passenger seat and a male in the back seat.
According to Persaud, shortly after, persons who rushed to the scene placed the injured persons into a passing vehicle and took them to the hospital.
“Is when I reach home early this morning my mother tell me that my cousin, Phillip, was in a accident just in front of a wake house at Goed Fortuin…I had no idea it was my cousin.” In addition there are reports that the other occupants of the vehicles involved as well as the driver of the other car have also been treated for minor injuries.
Meanwhile relatives said that somewhere between the accident scene and the hospital persons removed a large sum of cash from Smith’s possession as well as a gold chain that he was wearing at the time.
Smith was a dispatcher attached at the West Side Taxi Service located at La Grange, West Bank  Demerara. This publication was told that Smith had borrowed the car earlier in the night from the taxi service. Smith is survived by his reputed wife, Lisa Kellman, and their sons aged one and three.
Investigations are ongoing.

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