Dem boys seh…Uncle Freddie enjoying a free ride

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People does want tek other people thing and do what dem wouldn’t even do to dem own. If a man borrow somebody car he gun drive it like he head ain’t good. He might even crash it and then he gun seh that he sorry.
Uncle Freddie tek de Waterfalls paper and try fuh do some things that he wouldn’t do wid he own. Dem boys seh that from de fuss time he did get a lawsuit, if was he paper, he woulda tread like cat pun hot ashes.
But not he. He get three or four lawsuits and he mek de Waterfalls paper get de same lawsuits. De difference is that he ain’t have to pay one cent. De paper paying everything, right down to de lawyers fuh represent it.
Now de boss man decide fuh tighten up and Uncle Freddie gone and complain how de paper ain’t allowing he fuh do wha he like.
Well de boss man seh that he guh have to get he own paper and pay all de legal expense because de rope run out.
Dem boys seh that he smart, though. When he get stop from doing something that gun put de paper in trouble he does get he friends fuh write and complain. Then he does write a letter in de Big Market paper to protest.
De Big man going after he house and he believe that de paper gun hide he. De Boss man seh that he got to think again.
That is why de Boss man telling he to write bout issues and not on people. And he got de nerve to complain how he cant write bout Donald.
Talk half. Lef half.

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